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Hello, our bellowed readers, today in our blog we gonna talk a bit about history, but we promise it will not be boring at all, moreover, it will help you to better understand this business and inapplicable you will be able to show off your knowledge of this topic among other players and your friends.…
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Each of us wants to relax sometimes and at the same time let a little adrenaline into the blood. This is very typical for gambling people. But we do not always have the opportunity to do this in a short time and safely. For such cases, online casinos for money are wonderful. Here is the…
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When the game gets out of control, yes indeed in very rare cases it can happen so, the feeling of reality is lost and the game it’s not a game anymore, but a real and parallel world.  Content: What is gambling addiction? Self-release Problem gambling Stages of gambling addiction development What is gambling addiction? For…
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Today, our dear readers, we want to raise a sore subject for many of us – coronavirus. Yes, 2020 took us by surprise, when the first news about COVID-19 appear in the global news, let’s say honestly most of us were thinking that the virus stays in the mainland China only, perhaps in the worst…
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Essence of News

British people have the saying: “No news is good news”, meaning that without information to the contrary you can assume that all is well. 

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Oh, well maybe this was actual couple centuries ago, nowadays the information and the news are everything, today’s reality is if you have the information you possess the world, basically that means you are ahead of everything. We at the Official Golden Reels Blog also really want you our bellowed readers to be the first one, who will know the most topical news about online casinos and everything what is anyhow connected with the gambling industry.

Definitely, the best way how to get the most actual, relevant and truthful information is to follow the right source, if you want to know about the wild animals life – definitely go for National Geographic magazine, if you are interested in something scientific – 100% switch-on Discovery channel, but if you up to gambling and online casino – follow and read our blog. 

For our readers

Since our blog is created by the industry professionals in the cooperation of the best journalist, honestly speaking it’s like a cooperation master class, when professionals meet together and create some that never existed before, and yes – news can also be fascinating and motivating. Many of us associate news with something like morning/ evening TV’s show, when the announcer monotonously reads the news over the sheet – almost always about something depressing and as a result you gain only a good dose of negativity. Our approach is totally different, we are trying not only to entertain you, but also provide you with as such type of information, which you can monetize and gain from it!

Online casino news is such a broad topic, so it simply can’t describe everything in one article, and even if someone try to do it, it will be extremely bad, do you know why? It’s simple – long texts distract your attention; information should be relevant and up to date – something written couple years ago, may already not exist; writing style should be easy readable and to help you focus; most important aspects should be highlighted with the bullet-points:

 Of course, we all are visuals, we like pretty things, which attract our attention. That's why when something is written about Golden Reels casino news, we got the support from the best graphic designers, so you would really enjoy your reading!

Dear seekers of casino news, please keep following and reading us, and we will surprise you with articles others players could only dream of! See you on our pages!

Cheers, GR.