Why you can’t trust every online casino review

When choosing an online casino, players often rely on reviews left by other players on various websites. This seems like a good idea, but if you look deeper into it, it turns out that it doesn't make much sense. This Golden Reels Blog article will show you the common pitfalls when choosing a casino and prove that you shouldn't trust all online reviews, as well as help you choose an honest casino to play at in the future.

You can't trust online casino reviews

How often do you leave positive feedback?  It has been proven that people leave them 90% less often than negative ones.  Isn't it strange to see sites that have a huge number of complimentary stuff?  What situation should we model in our head?  A man came to leave a big company with a good review for simply doing their job.  No, it doesn't work that way.  If real people leave good reviews, they are mainly directed at small businesses that unexpectedly provided a better service than expected.  A review like this is a gesture of goodwill, an attempt to help the business develop better, as well as to encourage new customers to ignore the fact that the company is little known.  In large corporations, such reviews are left in favor of certain salespeople or support workers so that these employees can receive a bonus at work or other praise from management.  This means that no one will praise the fact that the slot machine worked as it should, that the money was withdrawn on the conditions that were agreed upon, etc.

That is why you should not pay attention to those reviews that simply describe the usual operation of the casino.  The exceptions are comments that are left in favor of the work of the support service, which promptly resolved this or that issue.

What you should pay attention to are negative reviews.  They will just help you highlight the casino that is worth avoiding.  As with positive reviews, you should brush aside some of them and ignore them.  We are talking about those reviews that talk about losing money during the game, about problems with gambling addiction, about twisting slot machines, etc.  These things have nothing to do with the work of the casino itself, but depend on the player.  As for the honesty of slot machines, they are always controlled by the game developer remotely and exclude the possibility of interference from any online casino.  It is better to pay attention to those reviews that relate to the speed of withdrawal of funds, the number of payment means, the availability of licenses and the work of the support service.  There you can find real cases and decide for yourself whether such a casino is right for you.

 Also pay attention to whether you can somehow contact those users who left reviews, at least in the comments section.  A real person will always answer you and help you with advice, while the created bots will remain silent.

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Mistakes when choosing an online casino

Remember, often the brightest characteristics of a casino are its worst sides.  It is worth taking a closer look, asking questions, checking the information and the sand castle will be destroyed.  Let's go through the main points that deceive players: 

  1. A large no deposit bonus such as welcome bonus. Casinos often offer players a very large bonus that promises an easy start. It seems like multiplying your deposited money by 3 times is really cool. But you shouldn't forget about such terms as wager. Wager is a certain amount of money you have to wager in order to start withdrawing. For example, if you wagered a bonus of $100, but your wager was x30, you would have to wager a total of $3,000 before you could withdraw any money.
  2. Verification. From the legal point of view, this procedure is very useful and necessary, as it protects your account from fraud. It is on this point and puts pressure on the representatives of unscrupulous casinos, requiring you to take such action. However, it may turn out that you do not have any missing documents, which are needed to confirm your identity and you will be denied in withdrawal. This document may be added to the requirements by the casino, which did it just to complicate the bureaucracy.
  3. Withdrawals. Deposits and withdrawals are required to be mutually expeditious. If a casino takes money from you via any payment system instantly, but withdraws it to you within a few days, citing the procedure of the payment systems themselves, they may be cheating.
  4. Common license. A well-known license doesn't mean that the casino is operating absolutely clean and legal. There are better companies that issue such a license for a reason. Their license is very difficult to obtain, because not every casino goes through all the right steps. So if they boast of a license with a well-known name in front of you, you'd better read the information on whether it is proof of legality.

In the world of online casinos, there are still a sufficient number of pitfalls, and you can find them in the negative reviews of other players.

How to choose a good online casino?

This is a difficult task, as there are many points to be looked at at once. Given that you may be looking at several casinos at once, this procedure can be tough. That is why we have reduced the list to the main points:

  1. License. Each casino provides a serial number for its operating license. Be sure to check it on the website of the relevant organization.
  2. Customer service. Check the work of this department yourself. Think of a basic question and ask it in all possible contacts listed on the site. If the answer took a long time or did not come at all, then you should not waste your time on this institution. We also advise you not to cooperate with those who don't have an online chat room for an instant response. Clearing up some problems with such a casino may take months.
  3. Payment systems. Assess the number of payment systems that are connected to the casino. If there are few of them, this is definitely a problem. Also, pay attention to whether the deposit and withdrawal methods match. If the casino is willing to take your money any way they can, but only willing to return it through certain channels, then they clearly have a problem with it.

We hope that you will take our advice and find the casino that suits you best. You can even check out Golden Reels if you're interested. We're sure you'll be able to like it.

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