Why All Bad Gamblers Are Essentially the Same: mistakes and tips

Gambling is first and foremost a way to entertain yourself by adding adrenaline by means of cash. Whether it's a regular game of slots, betting on your favorite team or playing at the poker table. However, some people approach this process completely wrong, thereby plunging themselves into trouble. Then the same people complain about the unfairness of casinos, invent secret schemes that should work by 101% and generally create a negative image for all gamblers. Notice how all gamblers, who often lose, look like one another? That's because they make the same mistakes and then draw the same wrong conclusions. In this Golden Reels Blog article, we will tell you what to avoid in gambling and how to succeed with just a few simple rules. 

Major Gambler Mistakes

Let's start by focusing on the main mistakes, because otherwise all the tips and rules will be meaningless. Take a close look at the list below. Do you recognize yourself in it? Have you made similar mistakes before? If so, this is your chance to become a better player.

Tendency to take unnecessary risks

Any game is a theory of probability wrapped in some kind of wrapper. All the odds of winning can be calculated, and therefore used. Playing poker you can figure out what the average probability of winning with a two-seven hand is, while playing a slot machine you can estimate its RTP, but some players rely solely on luck. This approach to the game causes unnecessary excitement, where a big win means a big risk. Players refuse to accept reality, expecting to hit the jackpot now or be able to win back. Experienced casino visitors, on the contrary, set a specific goal, to which they move slowly but surely, controlling what they bet and when. Their risks are greatly reduced and they can always quit the game if they feel they are getting into a rush. 


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Game to the end

The ability to admit it's time to quit is an ability that unfortunately not all players are endowed with. Yes, leaving your money on the table isn't the most pleasant prospect, but it's worth understanding that you can lose even more. In the pursuit of wagering, people make bad decisions, and small victories at such a moment only encourage them to continue, not noticing that there is less and less money.

Wrong choice of games

Amateur thinks that all the online pokies are similar to each other. Press the "Spin" button and wait until the symbols on the screen will assemble into a combination. But this is a serious mistake, because each of them has not only unique game mechanics, but also the technical characteristics. Consider both of these points.

RTP is a coefficient that shows how many bets on average are considered to win in a given slot machine. And it is always less than 100%, the average value is 93-95%. This means that out of $1,000, he gives back $9300-9500, always staying in the lead. This does not mean that you will definitely lose money in it, it means that if you got $1,500, then the other player on the contrary lost a larger amount. And this figure greatly influences the choice of a machine to play. Try to find those games in which this figure is as high as possible.

As for the game mechanics, it depends on the style of your game. Some machines have bonus games that are triggered only when the player has fulfilled certain conditions, such as accumulating the right number of symbols. This means that the main winnings in this game can be earned in this mode, and all bets made before have no special role. So, if you are a fan of short and fast games, you will only lose money in this type of game. 

Gambling on credit

The worst thing you can do is gamble with money you can't afford to spend. Without a clear limit, you may lose the amount you need for other things, which will make you want to win back. It's even worse if you play on credit, getting money to make a bet.

Gambling while intoxicated

Alcohol always affects a person's perception of the world around him. He has no fear of loss, there is an unnecessary confidence in luck, and decisions are made spontaneously and with no thought of the consequences.

Tips to all gamblers

In our review of basic gamblers' mistakes, we have already given you some tips that you can use. But, what additional conclusions can you draw from this information? Let's think about it together:

  • Don't use gambling as a source of income. Gambling is a modern form of entertainment, like going to the movies or the theater. Online casinos are primarily designed to bring you emotions, not to create an additional source of income. Consider the game as entertainment, and the betting as a way to tickle your nerves and increase your interest.
  • Set a time limit on the game. You can spend a lot of time playing at the casino, thereby losing control, burning out, or moving away from your own pattern of play. Don't let fatigue beat you and don't lose your head by spending too much time in the casino.
  • Don't try to win your money back. Trying to win back the money you lost most often leads to more losses. You already don't have enough bank to manipulate the game as you please, and on top of that is added frustration and gambling. You can easily lose control and make bad decisions, losing every penny you have.
  • Don't gamble while in a bad mood. It's hard to stay focused and rational when you have other things on your mind. Yes, a casino is a place that helps distract you, but if you're playing for real money, your actions can be distracted and rash.
  • Look for a balance between online casinos and real life. It is human nature to get used to even the most interesting entertainment, so if you don't entertain yourself in any way other than the casino, you will soon get bored with the game itself. Take care of business in the real world or just take a walk outside. This will help you clear your thoughts and start playing with new emotions.



We hope that our tips will help you in further playing and you will be able to avoid common mistakes. If you feel addicted or can't afford to play for real money, take a break, or use the demo mode where you don't risk your own money. This will help you not only hone your skills, but also get emotion from playing safely.

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