What Are Affiliate Programs?

Our Dear readers, we have noticed that many of you are commenting and raising questions about online casino partner programs. So, we are eager and happy to explain what it finally means and how you can benefit from it.

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So, what Are Affiliate Programs? In simple words, partner schemes, sometimes also named associate programs, are agreements in which an online casino affiliate program Website pays affiliate Web sites a commission to send them traffic. Sounds quite good, isn’t it? Let’s just imagine that you are owner of the popular web-site, so literally it means that you can partnership with some online store, casino or some other service provider and together you may help for all parties involved:

  •   the customer
  •   the partner site
  •   the merchant site

Since the Official Golden Reels blog is primarily dedicated for Australian and New Zealand readers, many of you may be interested in the affiliate program in Australia, and what to look for first!

As you might know we are promoting gambling as a recreation process and positive leisure time spending, and no way like income earning point, similar logic we would recommend to the person, who would like to start being part of an affiliate program. If you have a passion about something, and you own a website, which covers the most topical events and articles about some product or service – it’s the perfect opportunity to align with the manufacturer or service provider to start your collaboration. You are a subject-matter expert and working closely with the manufacturer / supplier you have all chances to expand your knowledge and be among the first ones to know about novelties and big premiere. On the other hand, your affiliate partner will be assured that new potential clients have received truthful information about his product and have the right expectations about it.

How to make the most of your partnership

OK, let’s imagine the situation in which you are the owner of an extremely popular games reviews blog, with thousands of readers and subscribers, how to make a right decision and accept the collaboration offer from the right partner? Whether you like it or not, it’s still a matter of money and overall compensation for the provided traffic, so our sincere advice will be to calculate the commission in a partner scheme and compare it with other offers. Make some simple analysis and choose the best one, which seems more attractive and lucrative for you. If you have a broad content in your site, maybe you can combine a several affiliate programs, i.e. get partnership with some game provider, who is targeted only for live dealers and simultaneously establish a partnership with slot games providers. In this way you will keep a peace in your blog and earn more.

As they say last, but not least – for the withdrawal purposes use just trusted sources, always read Terms & Conditions and the stay on the safe side!

Good luck and see ya on our pages! More detailed info about our online games affiliate program online casino is coming! 

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