Who we are

First, I want to introduce myself, my name is Goldy.

I am the author of this blog and a specialist in gambling.
I will try to summarize the essence of creating a blog.
And so, let's go)

GR Blog, who we are?

Nowadays it’s extremely easy to find a small piece of the needed information on the Internet, but is it always useful? Probably, if you have just one and simple question, which can be answered with just one and simple answer – yes, it is.

But what if we need a reliable source of unique information, which can provide us with a different type of knowledge regarding the subject in which we are highly interested, in this case I would be looking for a specialized forum or blog, where tips, hints, reliable information, etc. are given by real professionals - highly qualified specialists, having expertise based on a deep level of knowledge.

Hm, let’s not be Jack of all trades, master of none, here in our gambling blog we are talking about online casinos. Our fellows Australians are interested about: experiences, reviews, tricks, secrets, etc.
We are revealing for Austrian players upcoming news, tournaments, bonus information, promos, winning strategies and even novelties, how we as online casinos are doing during the pandemic times.

Our subscribers are all over Australia and New Zealand, read in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide or maybe Auckland or Wellington. Sorry if your city or country is not mentioned, we know that you read us too!

Golden Reels Blog, who we are?

Golden Reels, why us?

GR casino is a unique provider of high-quality online gambling for Australian players, as well as for our fellow players from New Zealand, we are quite new on the market, but with a totally different approach in gambling business.

We are preferred by thousands of our regular customers in Australia and New Zealand.
In GR each new player can find his favorite slot machines, ambient atmosphere, feel the taste of victories and experience the real excitement, and the most important – to win the real money!  Yes, yes, we offer to our players – to win the real money! Let’s not mention the names, but we've all heard these stories when some lucky players have won a decent sum of money, but end-up with tons of useless digits in his account, that cannot be converted in real funds.

Our only question in this situation would be: “Was it Worth it? To spend a precious time playing in an unknown, untrusted gaming house. Waste your personal money and end-up with nothing...” But the funny part is that it’s extremely easy to avoid this, just check the licensee of the gambling establishment.

BTW Golden Reels casino is absolutely legal and licensed. You can be sure of it. License is Curacao (Master Gaming License # 5536 / JAZ).

Why we created the GR blog

In Blog GR, we have collected only the most important and useful information, so we have prepared detailed answers to most frequently asked questions, for example:

  • How can I register?
  • How do I sign in to my account?
  • How to play on GR site?
  • How can I change my email?
  • Do I need documents to play on GR site?
  • How can I find my favorite game?
  • Also, there are a lot of other sweet things for our beloved Australian and New Zealanders readers!
  • And many - many other topics)

Let’s get the fun started!