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Now it's the right time to continue the topic about types of gambling houses. We know that especially for novice players, sometimes it’s hard to differentiate among various types of main online casinos & games. That’s why the official Golden Reels Blog today will expand this topic and explain the differences and peculiarities. 

Online casino in real time - virtual

We know that especially for novice players, sometimes it’s hard to differentiate among various types of main online casinos & games. Let’s start with creating of the list and after dive into details:

  • slot machines or, as they are often called, video slots;
  •   card games;
  •   board games;
  •   video poker;
  •   arcade games;
  •   scratch cards;
  •   bingo, keno and other entertainment.

When dividing, the features of the gameplay and genre are taken into account. In some gambling houses, games are classified by RTP (return to player), bonus options or manufacturer. Some gambling platforms can combine multiple features. Remember that before investing in the web-based casino, and put up real money, check if this Internet gambling establishment is indeed reliable.

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Reliable online casino

To be sure that you are on the safe side and you are putting your bets in reliable gambling houses, let us explain the features of slot machines (video slots), this help you to work-out the better understanding of the probability theory and feel if slot is too greedy, meaning it might be functioning with malware, decreasing your chance of winning. Almost all games in this category have reels and active lines. There are classic video slots with simple rules, traditional fruit symbols and high odds. Modern slot machines are especially popular among players, which often have many bonus options during gaming time (special symbols, free spins, bonus rounds, additional multipliers, risk game). All video slots work according to the RNG principle. The outcome of any spin depends on a random number. This allows the casino to guarantee its customers complete transparency and absolute honesty of the gaming process, respectively better gaming experience. Learn more about how to choose and what to look for when choosing a reliable online casino under the article "What Makes an Online Casino Trustworthy?"

What is the best online casino?

To determine the best gambling houses, let’s expand the description about the types of slot machines in online casinos. Expanding the virtual gaming sub-topic, it definitely makes sense to talk in more details about types of slot machines, understanding different systems will help you to choose the right one, and of course enjoy it the most. So, let’s start depending on the number of reels, online slots are divided into several categories:


  •   3-reel - This is a classic version that resembles those very "one-armed bandits" in land-based gambling establishments. Today such slot machines are losing their former popularity, and they are being replaced by more modern models.
  •   5-reel - are among the most popular among modern players due to the variety of symbols, game plots and pay lines. They also attract gamblers with free spins, multipliers and progressive jackpots.
  •   7-reel - are not present in every gambling house, but they have quite a lot of fans. They are distinguished by the absence of bonus rounds and the minimum number of pay lines (up to 10), however, they allow the player to receive frequent small payments.
  •   9-reel reels are also rare but attract gamblers with their non-standard design and exciting bonus modes. All pay lines in slots for payments can be located both vertically and horizontally, and diagonally. These slots often support progressive (cumulative) jackpots.

After we have categorized the several reels categories, let’s talk about pay lines. One-line and multi-line online slot machines are distinguished by the number of pay lines. The first type has only one pay line and resembles retro slots in land-based gambling establishments. The second one has from 3 to 1000 and more pay lines. There is also a group of non-linear slots, where the win is formed not by lines, but solely due to different combinations of symbols. The last but not least, it's important to mention some basic principles about jackpot’s payouts. According to the type of jackpots, slot machines with fixed and progressive (cumulative) payouts should be distinguished.

Types of online casinos

How many online casinos in the world?

According to statistics, there are more than 2,000 honest and legal gambling houses in the world. You can go to their sites, "throw" money, make a few bets and try your luck on your favorite machines, roulette, at the poker table or different types of card and board games. Especially popular among players are card games, a category that includes many interesting card games. Here you can mark poker, blackjack and so on. The casino offers different types of poker, which differ not only in name, but also in the set of prize combinations, payout amounts, the presence of jokers, the number of hands and other functions. But at the same time, the basic rules apply in all poker games. But blackjack is of particular interest among casino visitors. This game is also available in different variations. There is American, European blackjack. Of course, it all depends on your selection. But the main task of the player remains unchanged - it is necessary to collect a combination that is senior than the dealer's, while not exceeding 21 points. So, the whole card world at your feet.

Choosing an online casino

Summing up, it can be noted that modern gambling houses offer visitors a chic choice of entertainment. Many machines have a wide range of bets, so users with any budget can play them. The variety of storylines and styles of virtual machine design allows us to say that each player will choose the option to his liking.

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