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Hello, our bellowed readers, today in our blog we gonna talk a bit about history, but we promise it will not be boring at all, moreover, it will help you to better understand this business and inapplicable you will be able to show off your knowledge of this topic among other players and your friends.…
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Each of us wants to relax sometimes and at the same time let a little adrenaline into the blood. This is very typical for gambling people. But we do not always have the opportunity to do this in a short time and safely. For such cases, online casinos for money are wonderful. Here is the…
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When the game gets out of control, yes indeed in very rare cases it can happen so, the feeling of reality is lost and the game it’s not a game anymore, but a real and parallel world.  Content: What is gambling addiction? Self-release Problem gambling Stages of gambling addiction development What is gambling addiction? For…
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Today, our dear readers, we want to raise a sore subject for many of us – coronavirus. Yes, 2020 took us by surprise, when the first news about COVID-19 appear in the global news, let’s say honestly most of us were thinking that the virus stays in the mainland China only, perhaps in the worst…
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Now, when everyone is sitting at home, it seems that time has stood still, and nothing is happening. Many of us even do not read news at all thinking that all news is about COVID-19. That’s why we have decided to create a pandemic free section in our Official Golden Reels Blog, purely dedicated to the gambling news, gambling industry, etc. In our scope will be most actual online gambling Australia stories, facts, and novelties.

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We are quite sure that you are interested in everything that happens in Australian online gambling industry, as well as you would like to expand your knowledge about worldwide news. We will prepare for you a fact checking of gambling breaking news to understand if it is true or fake, we will regularly conduct reviews of gambling articles, sites, and magazines. You will be among the first, who will know about partnerships of game producers, about disputes between casinos and insurance companies, about new games to be released, about licenses and taxes in Australia, also, there are other things about the industry, which are interesting to everyone who is fond of gambling.

Even a couple decades ago, people were saying that Newspapers & Print journalism is a sign of good quality article. (Of course, a part of Yellow journalism and yellow press, which even then were considered the lower class of the mass media). Nowadays printing technologies, machineries and equipment have become much cheaper, so you don’t need to have a billion dollars empire to run your own small circulation magazine. But still comparing to the Internet, it’s quite an investment to open your own print media, because to become a journalist, editor, or author in the Internet you don’t need any funds, only some basic digital skills, literally it’s means that today everyone, who have even limited Computer literacy can write about everything – no restrictions at all, even if someone will mention about censorship, hate speeches, etc. Yes, indeed they are not welcomed in Australian society, but let’s not forget about the Darknet.

What's new?

OK, hopefully we have explained clearly enough why nowadays just publishing something is not enough, we need a strong fact-checking to distinguish among the real and fake news.

After such a long educational program, you probably would like to ask, what type of new we will finally publish on our blog pages, OK, fair enough, how about something from South Korea, did you know that “South Korean licensed casino operators can postpone income tax payments for at least 12 months.”, meaning they can prepare even more surprises for the loyal players. Or maybe something about home news?

Do many of you realize the changes with the credit cards, “Bank of Australia will block credit card gambling transactions”, we will explain this topic in detail and will provide you with hints how to get around using your Visa debit.

So our bellowed readers – tons of useful and verified information is coming, subscribe and be among the first ones, who will know it!

See ya later!