Gambling addiction

When the game gets out of control, yes indeed in very rare cases it can happen so, the feeling of reality is lost and the game it’s not a game anymore, but a real and parallel world. 

What is gambling addiction?

For most people, gambling is entertainment; this is how we want our customers to have fun at GR online casino. Our main goal is to give you fun - whether you play poker with friends, try your luck at the slots, or watch your favorite team, hoping that your ticket will be the winner. That’s why the Official Golden Reels Blog would like to raise the important topic of responsible gambling and gaming addiction. Unfortunately, for some people, gambling can be a problem that consumes too much time and / or money. Therefore, Golden Reels is partnering with various global organizations, including the Global Gambling Guidance Group, an organization dedicated to reducing the impact of gambling problems.

On the pages of mentioned organizations, you will find information about Responsible Gaming and can ask for help. Among other things, you will be able to pass the test and understand whether you are in control of your game (whether you are the master of the situation), and, if necessary, you can learn, how to set limits for yourself: how much money you can afford to spend or how many bets you can make per day. Research shows that gambling problems can be mitigated by setting spending limits on yourself. We strongly recommend that all our clients set their own personal limits.

Gambling addiction

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Sometimes players can take the situation under control by using some special features offered by the casino. Variety of casinos offer the option to deactivate your account for a specified period of time. Decontamination takes effect immediately and is irreversible. Your account will be deactivated for the selected period of time, regardless of whether you change your mind during the deactivation period or not. To deactivate your account, you need to click the special link on the casino web-site. If you or someone you know has problems with gambling, we advise you to seek professional help. If you have any questions about Responsible Gaming, please contact our Customer Support.

Problem gambling

What is a WHO definition? Pathological addiction to gambling consists in frequent repeated episodes of participation in gambling, which dominate in a person's life and lead to a decrease in social, professional, material and family values: such a person does not pay due attention to his duties in these areas. The World Health Organization names this disorder pathological gambling. Recently, the problem of gambling has become extremely important in connection with the widespread distribution of cash slot machines, the opening of many casinos, as well as bookmakers.

 Stages of gambling addiction development

Already back in 1984 the famous physiologist have conducted a gambling addiction study and have developed a solid theory of the three main stages of gambling addiction:

  • stage of wins
  • stage of losses
  • stage of disappointment

The stage of wins is represented by the following features: a random game, frequent wins, imagination precedes and accompanies the game, more frequent occurrences of the game, an increase in the size of bets, fantasies about the game, a very large win, unreasonable optimism.

 The stage of losses is characterized by: playing alone, bragging about winnings, thinking only about the game, prolonged episodes of losses, inability to stop the game, lying and hiding the problem from friends, reducing concern for family or spouse, reducing working hours in favor of playing, refusing to pay debts , personality changes - irritability, fatigue, lack of communication, a difficult emotional situation at home, borrowing money for the game, very large debts created by both legal and illegal means, inability to pay debts, desperate attempts to stop gambling.

Signs of the stage of disappointment are: loss of professional and personal reputation, significant increase in time spent playing and the size of bets, withdrawal from family and friends, remorse, remorse, hatred of others, panic, illegal actions, hopelessness, suicidal thoughts and attempts. arrest, divorce, alcohol abuse, emotional disturbances, withdrawal.

Thinking errors

We know that we have written many scary things, but don’t worry it's an extremely rare case 99,99% of Golden Reels customers are well educated, smart and responsible people. They are in charge of their life and they know how to harness their life. Also they are wise and use the various bonus codes offered by GR to increase a chance of winning and benefit even more by enjoying a game and indulge and delight themselves by the won prizes. 😊


P.S. Please rmember that many casinos have various deposit and withdrawals payment methods, so you can easily set your daily/ weekly/ monthly limits in each payment tool separately as well. Everything is under control if you plan it in advance!

See ya later! 

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