What’s Up with the Australian Online Casino Market in 2022 + Trends 2023

Hi all. The old year is just over, and we at Golden Reels Casino are already thinking about the new one. You never know what's going to happen tomorrow, and it's even harder to think ahead a year. It's good that we have experts who understand the online casino market. They are the ones who helped me, Goldie the platypus, to create this article for you.

Today's world changes on a daily basis. Literally every day there are new developments that change the approach to work in a particular area. It is not surprising that online casino players expect some breakthrough in this direction. Let's discuss exactly how casinos might change in 2023.

Modern gambling technologies

The pace of modern technology is rapid, and many people are using what was impossible yesterday. Technological advancement offers tremendous opportunities for mankind in all spheres. It makes life easier and safer. It is not difficult for average citizens to be surprised by the advancements in mobile Internet and mobile devices. Voice control, facial recognition and touch screen are all common. Modern technology is also used by the gambling industry to make it more fun for players to play their favorite games. These modern gadgets offer many features that make the experience even more enjoyable and comfortable. For example, many online casinos in Australia have been developing their own apps. Many of the more innovative ones use adaptive websites to adapt to every device. Australians are the largest online casino fan. More than 80% of Australians have gambled at online casinos and played online slots at least once. The Australian gambling market has become so saturated that you will always find a casino that meets all your requirements, allows you to play from your mobile device and is safe, fun, and comfortable. If you wish to know more, visit our Gambling News.

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Gambling technology trends

Gaming is interested in new developments that will make it easier to interact with apps, make games more fun, and make it easier to use it for payments and information security. Modern technology is being adopted by the gambling industry.

Protecting user data

Online sites used to only appeal to images and bonuses, but players are increasingly concerned about security and data protection. Many sites already have 128-bit SSL encryption, which is a robust encryption system. Sites will be more secure in the future thanks to new encryption methods.

Development of mobile gadgets

Over the last few years, the gambling industry has seen a rise in revenue from mobile-adapted projects. Mobile game retail sales are expected to reach $77.2 billion in 2020. The total number of gamers worldwide has increased by 12.5 percent. These numbers suggest that mobile casinos will soon be a major part of the industry.

Cryptocurrencies in the world

Many online casinos accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency. Because of their popularity, cryptocurrencies will be used in mobile betting in the future. In the future, Australian blackjack and real money gambling sites will continue to accept cryptocurrency. They will also increase the number of exchange options and expand their list of cryptocurrencies. Because of their anonymity and security, most people will choose to use bitcoins or other digital currencies to transact.

What online casino technology is the future?

Online casinos in Australia, in part, already have everything players need to enjoy their favorite games – colorful games, a fast site with mobile gadget support, secure and fast payments and transfers, as well as cryptocurrency payments and partial interactivity with players. So what does the future of online casinos hold for players? 

Increase in the number of online casinos

According to statistics, at the end of 2016, there were 11 licensed online gambling operators in the country, but, already this year, according to the latest data, in July 2022, there were more than 20 licensed online gambling operators. And that number will only grow. The global Covid-19 pandemic, which forced many players to stay at home and play their favorite games only online, has largely contributed to this, but interest in gambling around the world is only growing.

More New Slot Mechanisms

Over the last couple of years, we have witnessed a rise in new pokies mechanisms at online casinos. The most famous of these is the Megaways engine from Big Time Gaming, which has been franchised to various developers in the industry. Some of the top titles that use this concept include Eye of Horus Megaways, Diamond Mine Megaways, and Wild West Gold Megaways.

The Megaways engine has pushed the evolution of slots forward and allowed other studios to get more inventive with their own offerings. Its popularity proved that many players wanted to try something new and experience original twists on the classic reel spinning format. Since the release of Megaways, there have been various other new mechanics introduced including Link & Win, Jackpot King, and Cluster Buster.

2023 could see further advancements in the slots market as developers come up with yet more new mechanisms to give people different ways to play slots.

Expansion of Live Casino Offerings

The live casino market is also growing at a lightning pace, and developers have realized that this is a key area to focus on. In the early days of live streaming, the greatest focus was on delivering classic table games with real dealers to players in their homes. Now, developers are seeking ways to expand and invent new offerings for this medium.

Some examples of games that have broken the mold and pushed live casinos into a new era include Crazy Coin Flip Live, Monopoly Big Baller Live, and Teen Patti Live. There’s also been the introduction of themes to this genre, with Dead or Alive Saloon Live using a Wild West theme and capitalizing on the popularity of westerns in the wider entertainment industry. 2023 will most likely see developers pushing the boundaries of live casino further and coming up with brand new ideas to appeal to a wider audience.

Introduction of New Technology

Augmented and virtual reality are coming to the online casino industry, it’s just a question of when this will happen. The technology is not in the mainstream yet. However, when it is, you can wager that it will be integrated into online casino games early on.

Some analysts predict that when Apple releases AR and VR hardware, the industry could boom. There’s a chance that 2023 could be the year that the company releases its wearable device for one or both of these technologies.

2023 will be another huge year for online casinos, and players can expect to see new slots and live casino games. There’s a chance that some AR and VR titles could also start to emerge.

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