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🟨 Where can I play Golden Reels?

Golden Reels Casino official website is here:

🟩 What are the competitive advantages of Golden Reels?

1. Huge number of games, more than 1000+
2. Industry-leading deposit and withdrawal services (rich payment methods, speedy withdrawal!)
3.Support (open 365 days a year)
4. Bonus enrichment (The welcome bonus is one of the most luxurious in the industry!)

🟦 How can I deposit or withdraw money at Golden Reels Casino?

There are 10 ways in total, how to do it:
Poli Internet Banking, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, Neosurf, Skrill, Neteller, Paysafecard

🟨 How long does it take to withdraw money?

Normally, the procedure is completed within 5 minutes to 1 hour after applying for withdrawal, depending on the payment method used.
*It is assumed that the examination of the certificates has been completed and that all withdrawal conditions such as turnover and wagering conditions have been cleared.
If the withdrawal is not reflected within 1 hour after applying for withdrawal, please contact Customer Support.

🟩 What are the necessary procedures to withdraw money?

In order to withdraw money, it is necessary to do the following basic procedures and withdrawal conditions.
Contact Customer Support for more information.
1. Submission of certificates and examination/approval Identification cards, address confirmation documents, cards used for deposit, submission of images of each, and examination and approval by the casino side.
*Additional documents may be required in addition to the basic documents depending on the department in charge.
2. Authentication of payment method used for withdrawal. If you want to withdraw using a payment method that you have never deposited at Golden Reels in the past, you must first make a payment using that payment method and use the deposit amount for betting.
*It is not necessary if you already have a payment/play history by the payment method.
3. Clear turnover
Turnover is the "total bet amount" after the last deposit and is a withdrawal condition applied when playing with real money without using a bonus.
You can clear the turnover by betting 1x the deposit amount when playing slots and 3x the deposit amount for other games.

🟦 What types of bonuses Golden Reels have?

We offer a variety of bonuses such as cash bonuses, free spins and free bets.
1) In Golden Reals you can use welcome package for first 5 deposits you make. Players will also find Welcome Bonus packages that offer a match on a series of deposits.
1st deposit bonus has 3 patterns.
Pattern #1 200% bonus
Pattern #2 150% bonus
Pattern #3 100% bonus
100% CASH BONUS on your second deposit, 50% CASH BONUS on your third and fourth deposit and 25% CASH BONUS on your fifth deposit.
Also, you get 200 FS in Northern Sky (20 FS every day, during 10 days).
2) Rebate bonus
A cash bonus with no deposit required and wagering conditions tripled that you can accumulate with real money bets.
If you save more than $1, it will be delivered automatically next Monday.
You can check your rebate balance at any time on your account's Balance page.
3) Cashback bonus
Cashback is a system that returns 10% of the lost money for one month.
However, bets on live dealers and sports are not eligible for cashback and will be deducted during the calculation.
It will be delivered on the 1st of every month and will be valid for 3 days.
You can use it by depositing 50% of the cash back amount. The wagering requirements are tripled.
You can check your cashback balance at any time on your account's Balance page.

🟨 Where to find the list of bonuses?

You can see it on "Presents & Bonus" page in your account's "Promotions".
You can move to the same page by clicking the present mark at the top of the screen. (The number of available bonuses will be displayed next to the present mark.)
In addition, you can move to the promotion page from the menu at the top right of the screen.
Click here for "Presents/Bonus" page

🟩 What are the wagering requirements?

The wagering conditions are the withdrawal conditions such as "how much total bet can be withdrawn before using a bonus." The content of the wagering requirements (multipliers) depends on the bonus.
If your account has a valid bonus, but the bonus has not fully fulfilled your wagering requirements, you will not be able to withdraw it.
If you have an active bonus, you can withdraw it by clearing the wagering requirements or deleting the bonus itself.
However! Please note that deleting an active bonus will also delete the bonus balance at that time.

🟦 Can the bonus be used in live games?

Unfortunately, you don't have access to board games or live games while there is an activated bonus.
If you activate the bonus, you can also play table games and live games while playing other games such as slots to clear the bonus wagering requirements or remove the bonus.
* Please note that if you delete an active bonus, the bonus balance at that point will also be deleted.

🟨 What is turnover?

Turnover is the "total bet amount" you bet on after the last deposit and is a withdrawal condition that applies when you play with real money without using a bonus.
You can clear the turnover by betting 1x the deposit amount when playing slots and 3x the deposit amount for other games.

🟩 What is a lottery ticket?

You automatically get 1 lottery ticket for each 20 AUD deposit. Price for one lottery tickets varies on your deposited amount:
20-200 AUD 1 Ticket is 20AUD
201-1000 AUD 1 Ticket is 16AUD
1001 AUD or more 1 Ticket is 12AUD

🟦 What is an achievement?

Achievements are one of the Golden Reels bonus systems.
You can get achievements if you meet the conditions in the target game.
As with tournaments, achievements can be received only by playing for real money. Please note that bonus money bets are not considered.
Read more about achievements here:

🟨 What is a tournament?

The tournament is a free event where you can play, collect points and receive a bonus that does not require a deposit when you win.
When you access a target game and bet with real money in excess of the minimum required to participate, points are automatically accumulated according to the outcome of the game. (Betting on bonus money does not count towards points.)
Scoring criteria vary from tournament to tournament, with some competing for “win amount” while others compete for “win size (multipliers)” or “consecutive wins” instead of amount.
You can check the rating and details by clicking the trophy icon on each game screen.
Current tournaments are here:

🟩 What is a Game Provider Filter?

The Game Provider Filter is a feature that allows you to search for games by specifying your favorite game provider (game company). Although it is installed on the Slots page, the search results also include table games and live games.

🟦 Game vendor filter is here:


🟨 What is a volatility filter?

The volatility filter is one of the special search functions built into the "slots" page. You can search the game for one of three ways to win.
1. Many wins, but low dividends
2. Average number of wins, average dividend
3. The number of winnings is small, but high dividends can be expected.
This is a general trend in every game, so it may not always match the outcome.

🟩 Volatility filter is here:



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