Everything about online casinos

Hello, our bellowed readers, today in our blog we gonna talk a bit about history, but we promise it will not be boring at all, moreover, it will help you to better understand this business and inapplicable you will be able to show off your knowledge of this topic among other players and your friends. We will share with you all interesting information about classic land-based gambling establishments and modern online casinos. We will demonstrate how computers have changed the game.

The history of the gambling houses is quite fascinating, and for many of you will be a surprise! Despite the fact that many of us associate the emergence of a casino with the business of the American mafia of the 20th century, the history of games goes back a long way. Gaming, dice, and cards were mentioned among many peoples and cultures many hundreds of years ago. Some historians believe that gambling began in 2300 BC. in China. Others claim that dice similar to modern ones were found in the tombs of the ancient Egyptians. Still others cite the example of the Roman Empire, where gladiator fights and chariot races contributed to the emergence of sweepstakes.

One of the first gambling houses was the Ridotto gaming establishment, opened in 1638 and located in Italy. It was situated on the left side of the Venetian Church of St. Moses, and was intended to keep gambling entertainment under control during the annual spring celebrations. The casino was distinguished by high prices and a strict selection of visitors (speaking in modern language: face-control), only the noble public - the aristocracy - was allowed inside.

Let's jump to another continent – North America. At the beginning of the 19th century, the first gambling establishment in America was opened. Later, saloons were opened in many cities and even small towns in the United States, where visitors were invited to play and gamble. The greatest love of the population was caused by the game blackjack and poker. The gaming house flourished until the moment when the reins of the country did not pass to Andrew Jackson (he was elected in 1824 United States presidential election), who banned gambling in the country.

Nowadays, online gambling houses are becoming more and more popular. The development of computer technology contributes a lot to this. But apart from everything else, this type of gambling has undeniable advantages: first, no one needs to go anywhere to play; second, a large number of people can participate at the same time; thirdly, of course, the investment and costs of opening such a business are incomparably small compared to investments in offline gambling establishments. But there are also drawbacks that cannot be ignored, they are associated with the problem of personal data security, the decency of the organizers, the timing of the withdrawal of funds and insufficient support at the legislative level. That’s why the Official Golden Reels blog continues to tell you about scammers in the networks, and how to distinguish the licenced and illegal casinos!

Everything about online casinos

Features of online casinos

OK, let’s jump back to the modern world, and expand our history lesson towards virtual gaming space, let’s talk about features of online casinos. As we have explained already, it developed rapidly until a new alternative appeared - virtual gambling. The first virtual casino appeared almost immediately after the emergence of the Internet - in 1996. Over the years, the technology has improved significantly, and many sites have taken up the initiative. Today in the world there are several thousand casinos where millions of users “hang out” every day. Two years after the appearance of the first gambling establishment, the concept of "progressive jackpot" appeared, when small spent funds accumulate and form a single prize. Such a tidbit became an excellent advertisement for gamers from all over the world, and just a crazy number of gamers started playing.

A number of factors contribute to the popularity of virtual casinos:

  •       Convenience. There is no need to travel anywhere. To play, you only need a computer and Internet access.
  •       The audience. Dozens and even hundreds of thousands of players can play in one online gaming house at the same time. In traditional casinos, the number of visitors is limited by the area of the gambling halls and the number of seats at the gambling tables and slot machines casino-e. (electronic)
  •       Profitability. The initial investment and running costs of online gaming establishments are significantly lower than those of traditional gaming establishments.

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Online casino types

To determine how successfully you can decide what interests you, depends how satisfied you will be with your playing and gambling. You can read the full scope of online casino types description in the mentioned article. In the article are mentioned all the most important objects you need to pay attention to, it’s described everything in essence. So, please read carefully and choose wisely. The essence of online gaming houses also depends on what you’re choosing, since your choice also defines the level of your satisfaction.

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So, let’s explain a bit more about online casinos, how it works and game principles and requirements. In online casinos, the result of the game is generated by means of a random number generator integrated into the device. At the moment when the participant activates the "Spin" key on the slot machine, the program structure takes a sequence of numbers from the generator and displays it in the results of the gaming round.

See ya later!

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