How to win big at online casinos in 2022 – TOP 10 tips

Players come to casinos for a variety of reasons - some just want to relax and have fun, others are trying to make money from their knowledge of card games, and others want to try their luck. But all of them would not mind if a big win fell on their head. Jackpot, which is earned with one click - is it real? The experts at Golden Reels have pondered on this topic and compiled this article for you. Here we talk not only about the reality of big winnings in casinos, but also share tips on how to get them. 

Choose Casino Wisely

Let's start with the basics. First of all you need to look at the casino where you are going to play. What's the point of hoping to win the jackpot if you've given your money to crooks? You may not be able to withdraw your money, or the casino is operating illegally in your country. They may not have jackpot machines, they may not accept your country's currency. You can count on a large bonus to instantly increase your bankroll, but they may not be available in the casino either. That's why find out all the information on the internet first. Usual you can find several reviews, which detail all the information.

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Learn Casino Game Strategies

Slot machines seem to be the kind of game where you only need luck. Indeed, it seems that there is only one button - Spin. Is it possible to influence the game in such a case? Yes, it is. But it's not about any tricks, but the usual drawing up a strategy. For example, there are slot machines in which the main prize can not be obtained during normal spins drums. Chance of the jackpot appears only during the bonus round, and to get into it, you need to accumulate a certain number of symbols or combinations. So this machine is designed for long term play, you don't need to make big bets right away or quit quickly if you don't see any winnings. You need to move towards your goal with small bets and start betting big when the bonus round approaches. Similar knowledge about the game can be obtained from slot machine reviews, which are on our casino blog. There is also information on player forums and in some videos on Youtube.

Stay Away from Alcohol

Real money gambling and alcohol have never been friends. In moments of relaxation and euphoria you can make wrong decisions, which will cost you not only the loss of possible big winnings, but also those funds that you could not afford to spend. Alcohol gives you unnecessary courage in the casino, forcing you to play to the last, to win back when you should already leave and just forget about your own strategy.

Choose your payment system carefully

For big winnings to be in your pocket, you need to take them out of the casino. And this is often a problem, and not from the casino. Many payment systems have their own transfer limits once a day or once a month, which simply cannot be exceeded. In addition, the speed of transfers also differs from each other. Make sure that the casino has connected a payment system to its platform that you trust, use regularly, and with which you have had no problems.

Quit While You’re Winning

A big win is not necessarily a jackpot. Winning a million dollars, especially when a lot of other people are trying to win it, is very difficult, the chance may seem paltry at all. But that doesn't mean you can't win big. If you see that you are on a winning streak, it may be time to stop and pick up what you already have. A pre-made strategy will help you in this, where you specify for yourself, how much you are ready to lose at most and after what amount of winnings you will stop.

Play Safe and Learn

Do not start with large bets in those slot machines with which you are not familiar. To begin with small amounts to accurately understand all the mechanics of the game. Only then will you understand how to get a big win at this slot machine. You can do even smarter and use the demo version of the machine. So you'll play its free version, that is learning, but not spending your money.

Search for Big Bonuses

Bonuses are the key to winning big. And the best bonuses, as a rule, gives casinos for the first deposit. Often this amount can be multiplied by 2 or 3 times. Why would you want that? Imagine that if you win your bet will be multiplied by 10 times. With your $100 you would get $1,000, but betting 300 at once, using free bonuses, you would get $3,000. This difference is significant. But, even if you're not going to play big, the gift from the casino can be used to play it safe in a long-term strategy. At first, you won't be spending your own money, but the casino gift, and the larger amount in your account will help you play longer in order to have time to wait for the jackpot.

Read Blog and Forum

Your questions and your interests are not unique to the casino world. A lot of players are looking for and want the same thing. And many have already found what you need. That's why you can find like-minded people in forums, who will tell you which game is worthy of attention, which strategy to use and which casino is better not to do business with. But casino blogs will help you find out what new slot machines with jackpots are available on the platform, what bonuses you can get additionally right now and how to earn even more.


For newcomers this name may not be clear, but if we explain it simply, it is a coefficient that shows how much money the machine returns to the players. The bigger this figure is, the bigger is your chance of winning. On average, the machines keep this figure at around 95%. And trust us, even 1% is decisive in this case, so the higher this figure is in the game, the better your chance to take money from it.

Check The Pay Tables

Inside each slot machine there is a button that shows all the information about it. It indicates what combinations you can collect, what the rules of the game are, and most importantly - how many times your stake will be multiplied when you win with those or other symbols. The higher the multiplier, the better your chance of winning.

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