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Hello, our bellowed readers, today in our blog we gonna talk a bit about history, but we promise it will not be boring at all, moreover, it will help you to better understand this business and inapplicable you will be able to show off your knowledge of this topic among other players and your friends.…
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Good tidings to our beloved readers, today the Official Golden Reels blog will open the veil of secrecy, how to find and choose the most reliable, generous and client orientated casino, how to benefit from your choice and be among the winners! Content: How to choose an online pokies? What is there in a reliable…
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A bit of history about online pokies

Online gambling is the whole new world, and of course there are many specific terminologies, slang, and buzz words, which you need to know in order to navigate well in this topic. Today in the Golden Reels Official Blog we would like to talk about online pokies Australia, explain what it is and dispel the long-standing myths.

A bit of history about online pokies

What is pokie?

Many new joiners of gambling universe, uses the term “pokie” as something associated with the poker only, probably this interpretation is coming from the Collins English Dictionary, because it says: “pokie in British English or pokey (ˈpəʊkɪ ) Australian and New Zealand informal short for poker machine.” Of course, this is partly true, but let’s not forget that the dictionary describes the academic language, but here we’re talking more about informal one and slang.

Let’s be straightforward, online pokies are online slot machines they are the most popular games at casinos in Australia and NZ and for sure all over the world, sometimes you can encounter terminology like online slot machines, video slots, or simply put - slots. Nowadays there are more than thousands of different slots and developers are creating new ones every month, the game can be a sequel of the previous one, spin-off or completely brand new with the new theme, quite often games are based on famous films, cartoons, legends or fairy tales.

Pokies Terminology

As we have talked earlier, terminology and profound understanding of the game is a crucial factor for winning, so let’s dive in and start:

Possibility to boost any line often it’s 1X, 2X and 3X Multipliers, sometimes even to 5X, 10X, 100X.

Online pokies have from 3 paylines up to multiple paylines. Usually, most attractive online pokies have 10, 20, 25 or 50 paylines, and they all expanded across the reels from left to right in their own unique pattern. Your minimal goal is to match at least two symbols to land in consecutive order across any of the active paylines to win a prize.

Many players call it paytable.  Basically, it’s all essential information about the particular play. After you’re familiar with it, you will know all ways, how to win in this pokie: lucky combinations, characters’ value and special features and extra functionality of symbols, and of course - the cherry on top our – bonus play information.

Characters on the reels (in every slot game they are different, usually match the theme of the game), normally all symbols are divided in groups: low paying symbols, medium paying symbols and high valued symbols.

Are the special characters that can start a Free Spins Bonus game, the condition is to catch all 3 of them on the reels.

Cans substitute any needed character.

Now you know all essential information, so you can start now to enjoy playing on thousands of fascinating online pokies from your PC, or mobile device! Remember to choose only legal and legit casinos, otherwise it can be the issue of your winning withdrawal from the system, we highly recommend it before starting to play to read other players review about the game and casino, and for sure read our blog, we are also covering sites review!