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Follow the latest sports news

Stay up to date with all the news and exciting events from the world with Golden Reels.

If you are looking for the most up-to-date information, then our blog was created just for you.

You no longer need to open dozens of sites to find the latest news and videos from the best games of the past - all this is already here. We monitor the planet's sports news, the results of tournaments and competitions, and even exclusive details from the life of teams and athletes.

Overall, our news will focus on disciplines such as football, hockey, tennis, figure skating, basketball, volleyball and more!

Sports are an important part of Australia!

And today it is impossible to imagine an Australian who either does not play sports himself, or does not actively follow active events.

Therefore, we cannot miss sports that are loved mostly in Australia.

For example:

  •   Aussie Rules or "footy"
  •   Cricket
  •   Swimming
  •   Rugby

Also, such athletics as table tennis, darts, golf and even Counter Strike will not pass our attention.

Our editors prepare for you both a digest of current events and the results of competitions. Read our news, subscribe to social networks to stay up to date with all current events.

Sports News - available to everyone!

World news - available to everyone!

Every day we monitor events for you!

Sometimes we read world publications such as BBC, Sky Sports, ESPN and many others, sometimes we resort to the help of insiders)

The main thing is that you, our readers, can get the most relevant information from us.

In our time of digitalization and developed social networks, athletic stars are as big as business stars, world establishment, opinion leaders and other celebrities. One thing we can say for sure, is that stars as Cristiano Ronaldo or LeBron James have long surpassed many show-business stars in their popularity and even income! That there are multi-million-dollar armies of fans!

It is also impossible to forget what era we are living in now (we mean the era of the coronavirus).

All spheres of life, including sports, have undergone changes. Somewhere it was only for the good, somewhere - it destroyed all the previous developments.

In any case, informed means armed. Therefore, we will inform you about all sports changes related to COVID-19. How athletic legislation is changing (including in Australia and New Zealand), how athletic tournaments take place in the era of a pandemic, and what measures are being taken to protect fans and viewers around the world.

Australian and New Zealand sports

In addition to global trends, news from Australia and New Zealand occupies a special place.

The Golden Reels Blog is a community where fans of all ages can share their passion for athletics.

As we said earlier, Australia is famous for its athletes and all kinds of athletic that are popular only here! And some kinds of extremes were invented right here!

And this is not surprising) After all, Australians are one of the most athletic countries in the world!

That is why there are many reasons for us to write about the events of the continent.

We are closely following famous athletes - and we will tell you many interesting details about their career achievements!

Well ... it's time to conclude all of the above!

 Stay with us, and you will not only learn a little more about the world of latest sports news, sports results, sports news Australia, tournaments and popular destinations, but also significantly save your time - after all, you will no longer need to go to other resources.

See ya Later!