Living in the 21st century we are blessed with opportunities to have all the accumulated knowledge of the past generations, Internet connection made it extremely easy to get access to the vast amount of information, games, hobbies, etc. But sometimes it is easy to get lost in such wide amount of information, that's why the Official Golden Reels Blog decided to figure out all the nuances about all types of gambling.

Types of gambling

Chance vs Skills

So, let’s start, as we always indicate in our posts and articles, we are supporting only responsible gambling, which in turn means understanding the odds, risks and “the sacred geometry of chance”, each of our casino players should know how much time, money to spend and when to quit. But does it always depend only on you? In fact, not always, because there are two most common models of games: Chance-based & Skill-based.

Basic game types

Let's take a closer look at what is the difference, between those gaming models:


 Now after reading this article, we really hope that everyone can figure it out what type of gambling is more exciting for himself; what set of skills to develop and how to enjoy life and precious time!

Take it easy!