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Choosing pokies to play is not an easy task. That is why players often use already formed TOPs, which use other people's opinions. This is a logical decision, because such lists often include worthy games that have been selected by industry experts. But the expert opinion does not always coincide with the opinion of real players. So whose opinion to listen to? In this Golden Reels blog article, we'll take a look at both of these ways of making a list of the best games in Australia and help you decide for yourself.

Top Australian Slots

As we wrote above, there are two ways to pick the best pokie: using the opinion of players or reviewers. Let's look at how each of them is formed.

Best pokies according to players

If you don't want to read reviews that give you useless statistics, use the opinion of the crowd. It's not a bad idea at all, because who better to know what to play than the players? Especially since the list of the best pokies are formed on the basis of statistics and it does not interfere with any interested parties. Such a list you can see on the main page of the online casino Golden Reels. Clicking on TOP you will see the most popular pokies in Australia. This means that these are the most played machines in the casino, and the statistics are updated automatically, and other games may appear there as well. At the moment the list looks like this:

  • Dragon Pearls: hold and win
  • Cleopatra’s Gems Rockways
  • Magic Spins
  • Bonanza Billion Xmas
  • Caishen's Fortune
  • Great Panda: Hold and Win
  • Black Wolf
  • Sun of Egypt 3
  • Big Heist
  • Rich Panda
  • Royal Coins 2: Hold and Win
  • 3 Coins: Hold and Win

Best pokies according to experts

You also have the opportunity to use the TOP ranking that is made by online casinos experts. In their work they take into account many factors such as RTP, the fame of the developer, the variety and uniqueness of the game mechanics, the uniqueness of the content, the quality of design, etc. Here is one of the lists offered by the experts:

  1. Thunderstruck II
  2. Starburst
  3. Jack and the Beanstalk
  4. Avalon II
  5. Wizard of Oz
  6. Gonzo’s Quest
  7. Guns N’Roses
  8. Triple Diamond
  9. 1429 Uncharted
  10. Wheels of Fortune
  11. Book of Dead
  12. Mega Moolah

As you noticed, these lists are completely different from each other. But why did this happen? This is a good example of the fact that the success of a game does not depend on the quality of its design. It may seem to be perfect in theory, but in practice the players may not like the intrusive sound, bright colors or very complicated new game mechanics. That's why we recommend you to listen to the opinion of other players.

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What to look for when choosing a pokie

While we do recommend that you listen to what other players have to say, there are some points the experts are right about. Each pokie must have certain qualities, without any of which it is better not to pay attention to it. Moreover, the ability to identify these qualities will help you choose the best of the best. We will not specify here such trivial points as good graphics or beautiful music.

Here are the criteria that the experts pay attention to when compiling the TOPs:

  1. Understandable controls. Have you ever played a game where it's impossible to understand what this or that button is responsible for? In such games it is very easy to make an unnecessary spin, a large bet, or to reset your progress altogether. In good games, all the controls should be clearly marked and intuitive to understand.
  2. The ability to use freespins. You'd be surprised, but not all machines support this feature. So make sure that the gifts given to you by the casino can be used in this game.
  3. Progressive jackpots. This feature is favored by players and experts alike. A total prize fund, which is scored by all players, is a great idea that increases interest in the game and gives you the opportunity to get not just a big, but a huge winnings.
  4. Detailed description of symbols and game mechanics. The game must contain an INFO button, which will detail what the player will get for each combination, what bonus games exist, etc.
  5. Customer support for Australian players. A separate item we added from ourselves is support for players from Australia. Players should get answers to any of their questions, that's why this item is so important.



If you're on the hunt for the best machines, then don't be lazy to use both of the suggested ways. The experts know exactly what you're offered, and the players' choices appeal to you with their open-mindedness. And using the knowledge we've offered you today you'll be able to choose something in the middle that's right for you.

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