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 Probably each of us would like to predict the future, or at least to know when someone is telling you a truth or lies to you looking at your face. OK, if you are not a fortune teller with future prediction is quite unreal, but if you’re just an observant person, we will teach you how to use another person's body language to understand what they are feeling, saying, or planning to do. You will easily understand playing poker when someone is bluffing to you. P.S. Have you ever been searching for: “bluff meaning”, “bluffs meaning” or “bluff definition”? If you don't know what bluff means, we will explain this definition as well, you’ll be surprised how many players are using it.

Bluff and its definitions in the game

  When Shakespeare wrote, “All the world's a stage and all the men and women merely players.” He probably didn't have poker in mind, but he certainly could have. Let’s speak a bit about psychology - poker is one of those games where the cards you have are less important than knowing how to play them and reading the gamblers around you. Quite often you have to bluff, meaning: “to deceive someone by making them think either that you are going to do something when you really have no intention of doing it, or that you have knowledge that you do not really have, or that you are someone else.”

 To make one thing clear before going any further, the answer is yes - each poker gambler will have their own specific and often unique gestures. But at the same time, this does not mean that there are no specific gestures that are commonly used by most poker players. Of course, to confuse other players, the most experienced players use all possible tactics. But the game is always so complex, so it's always your call to take or ignore the challenge from the player playing against you. Not for nothing, many gamblers call poker not a game, but an art form.

A bit of body language

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A bit of body language

First of all, one of the most common poker tells among newbies is the one that usually stands the test. The simple fact is that when you have a strong hand and prefer not to be aware of it, your instinctive reaction is to hide it by pretending to be the complete opposite. Which, in turn, means that a sour expression on your face, a stoop in a chair, a shrug, a sigh, and a generally disgruntled look with a hand won't convince anyone that you don't really have a strong hand.


 In this case, when and where you notice that a player suddenly straightens his posture, betting or playing a hand in general, it most often means that he has something to give him confidence. More often than not, this happens instinctively and unnoticed by the gambler, giving everyone else a clear sign that they are aiming for something important.



 Many people think that nervosity is a sign of a weak hand. If nervosity is actually an action, then too often the player is holding the monster. Alleviating real nervousness is poorly done. It's usually grossly exaggerated and you can easily tell when someone is really nervous. If your opponent gets nervous in a critical game situation, this is usually a sign of a strong hand.


 If you are 99% sure that you are going to make a decent amount of money, you may lose patience and be forced to speed up the process. Just keep in mind that once your teammates realize that you are losing patience, they will understand the real reason.

A long look at the cards

 If an opponent takes an especially long look at his cards or the board, he is mostly playing a weak hand. If he takes a long time before betting, he is probably on a bluff.

A strong tell is an opponent repeatedly looking at their starting hand after making a bet and then you reaching for your chips. Here you can expect a bluff.


 Gamblers who make penetrating, rigid glances at their opponent do not usually hold a dangerous hand. The signal "I've watched you closely and know what you're doing" is often a sign of weakness.


Last but not least, if a player suddenly freezes after placing a bet, there is a very high probability that he is bluffing. Tells are not always as clear as we would like. The reason is that when you focus on misleading and deceiving your playmates, it becomes much more difficult to keep talking and acting relaxed. The reason is that you are convinced that others will pick up on one of your movements or what you say. On the contrary, if you are completely confident in your hand and you have no reason to bluff, there really is no reason why you would be stuck after you bet.

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