Live Baccarat

Baccarat is a card table game in which the player relies entirely on luck. Similar to BlackJack or 21, each card has its own value, but in this game the number 9 is considered the winning one. Also, unlike the previously mentioned games, the player does not make direct decisions during the game, but only initially bets on the victory of one of the sides.

 Live Baccarat

In the western hemisphere and Europe Baccarat is not very popular, moreover, its rules seem difficult to master. In Asian countries, on the contrary, this game is recognized as №1. This is most likely due to the rather difficult process of entering the game, so the main purpose of this text - to destroy the stereotype of complexity and expand the geography of the game. Here we will go over the basic concepts, rules and the course of the game.

Live baccarat with live dealers at online casinos

The live version of the game has no differences from its regular version. The interaction between the players and the dealer takes place in the same way, but in an online format. Going to the Live Casino and selecting your favorite dealer, the player will see a special interface that meets all the features necessary for the game. The player will also have a special chat room, through which he will communicate with the dealer. The croupier, in turn, will read the chat and answer all questions in his voice, while commenting on the game. This helps to achieve a real casino atmosphere, without leaving your own home.

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Live Dealer Baccarat

The game with live dealers has the same rules as the normal version of the game. Let's look briefly at the rules. 

In the game of baccarat, the player has to rely solely on luck, as it does not affect the gameplay in any way. He only at the beginning of the game makes a bet on one of the fields, which, in his opinion, will win. In the game there are only 2 such fields: "Dealer" and "Player". The name "Player" is nominal, he is not a real participant of the game. There can be several players at the table, each of which can bet on any side. The croupier of the match also does not take any action, and is only the presenter of the deal. These are the basic rules of Baccarat.

Let's walk through the algorithm of the game:

First, the dealer places two cards on the Player's and Dealer's fields, opening them one by one.

Then the croupier counts the points on each of the fields. All the values of playing cards we will indicate further in a special table. If the sum of the cards' points is greater than 10, only the last digit counts as points. For example, if the sum of points is 15, it is considered that there are 5 points on this field. Those cards that are closer to 9 in total win.

If, after the cards are dealt, the sum of points on the field is 8 or 9, then it is called a natural victory and the game is no longer carried out.

In all other situations, it is worth determining whether a third card will be dealt. First of all, this is done relative to the player's field. Apart from 8 and 9 (which are a natural victory) the third card is not dealt even if the sum of 6 and 7. In other cases, however, the player takes a card.

The situation with the Dealer is more complicated. Initially, he takes the third card as standard, as does the player, if the sum of points was 0-5. But he also relies on the player's third card, on which a lot depends.

  1.  If the Player's third card is an Ace, 9 or 10, the Dealer takes the card only if the sum of his points is currently 0-3.
  2.  If the Player's third card is an 8, the Dealer takes a card only if the sum of his points at the moment is 0-2.
  3.  If the Player picks up a 6 or 7, the Dealer takes the card only if the sum of his points is currently 0-6.
  4.  If the Player picks up 4 or 5, the Dealer takes the card only if the sum of his points is currently 0-5.
  5.  If the third card the Player took 2 or 3, the Dealer takes a card only if the sum of his points at the moment is 0-4.

Then the points are counted again and the one whose sum is closer to 9 wins. Often in the case of a draw the money remains in the bank until the next deal.

Use this text as a cheat sheet, because that's all you need to know about the game.

The Popularity of Live Baccarat

Its high popularity of the game is due to three main factors. Consider each in detail.

It's easy to play

Despite the uniqueness of the rules and high variability of the results, the game can be described by a simple sentence. All players need to know is that they can bet on either the player's hand or the banker's hand. This allows them to win even without understanding the rules, simply through luck. In poker, however, such a result would not be possible.

A high chance of winning

In every live casino game there is such a thing as a casino advantage. Roulette, for example, is the number 0, which allows the casino to win when different players bet on red and black. In baccarat, on the other hand, the percentage of casino advantage is considered minimal.


Baccarat is one of the most profitable games compared to others. The stakes are relatively minimal, and the payouts on the contrary tends to the maximum.  Also in the game of baccarat you can play with free slot machines on this topic. But the real money you can win only if you register at Golden Reels.

Tables for the game of baccarat with a live casino

At Golden Reels Casino, a lot of attention is paid to the game of baccarat. If you look at all of the gaming tables available at the live casino, you can see that about a third of them are dedicated to this game.  Some tables differ from each other in terms of rules, and some are simply provided by different game developers. Read the rules carefully once you move to a new table, because each one may have different features. Just look at the range of choices you can find at Golden Reels:

In this case, each of these unique types of tables has its own clones, which are denoted by the letters A, B, C, etc. All of these tables work by the same rules and are designed only to allow more people to join the game.

Game variations

Such a popular game could not remain in its original form and possess only one set of rules. Many twist it to their liking, but at Casino Golden Reels you will find all types of this game, from classic to new. Plus, different dealers can run the game with different moods. Some people enjoy a more formal game, where the dealer is only a character playing cards and announcing the winners, while others prefer a live game with a croupier, who unobtrusively comments on the game. It is for this reason that the casino features different dealers.

Mobile app for Live Baccarat

Golden Reels has developed a special mobile app that allows you to play your favorite games without being tied to a personal computer. Moreover, the requirements of the application are so low that you can use it even if you have a poor internet connection. And given the fact that you don't have to react instantly to play baccarat and press many buttons at once, it is ideal for playing through a mobile device.

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