Top Slots Online 2022

Players are constantly on the lookout for the best games. But the catch is that whatever list of the best pokies exists, it can't please everyone. One might like the classic games with 3 reels, and the other will prefer a complex new feature with a lot of mechanics. This Golden Reels article will help you decide for yourself which slot machine will be better for you. We have classified the machines by type, by payout and by other important components, so that you are sure not to get confused.

Different Types of Pokies

The casino Golden Reels has more than 3000 machines, so even for an experienced player it can be difficult to choose a game for yourself. In the first place we suggest you decide what kind of games suit you. We roughly divide them into the following categories:


  1. Jackpot Pokies. Pokies that have a jackpot in them. It can be either a fixed amount or a progressive jackpot, which increases every time any player bets in this machine. If you like long games, hope for big winnings and want to try your luck in a big way, then these machines are right for you.
  2. Free Pokies. Free versions of the games in which you can neither earn nor lose money. The game is played with virtual currency, which will not affect your account in any way. If you have come to the casino just for relaxation and pleasure, then you will approach these machines. In addition, you can choose not the machines with the best payouts, but the ones that you just like more visual and game mechanics. 
  3. Classic pokies. Are you only familiar with the basics of the game and don't want to understand the modern game mechanics? Or do you simply like the spirit of the old classic pokies, with which the casino began? Then this type of pokies is exactly what you need. Three reels, no weird symbols and classic game enjoyment. Simpler doesn't have to mean worse.
  4. Video pokies. Modern games with an emphasis on bright graphics, music and unique game mechanics. Yes, some of them may not be as good in practice as the developers intended, but the best games of today are still in this section. But in any case it is up to you to choose your favorite game.


Usually, at any online casino these types of pokies are separated into separate subsections, so you can easily find them. In addition, on the main page of such a subsection will be the best games of this type. 


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The Best Payout Pokies in 2022

Players can argue about which type of game is better. But they agree on one thing, the best pokie is the one that brings in more money. That is why we have chosen for you 10 TOP machines, with the best payouts.

The Best Payout Pokies in 2022


Let's explain for those who are not familiar with the terms in the table. 

RTP - coefficient, which shows how many percent of bets the machine returns back as money. That is, if players from all over the world bet a total of $1,000, then among these same players will randomly distribute the winnings of $990. Some will walk away with big winnings, some will withdraw their own bet, and some will lose almost all their money. 

Volatility. This word has many designations in various fields, here is no exception. Volatility in a casino is the frequency of winning bets. This does not affect your luck, unlike the RTP, but tells you how long to play this machine to get a win. Example: in a machine with high volatility, you will get 5 wins of $10 for 20 bets. And in a machine with low volatility, you will win only once for 20 bets, but all at once 50 dollars.



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