How To Hack Pokies

Many players have a cherished dream - to find some error or pattern in the pokie, which will help to pull out of it any desired amount of money. Someone comes up with a special combination of buttons to press, someone believes that to start you need to make a certain amount of bets, and then change their size, but in the end the dream remains a dream.


It is interesting that this mistake is made by both beginners and experienced players. The first do it because of lack of experience, and the second because of the escalated excitement, clouded common sense. However, there is still a difference. Beginners are trying to find a way to hack an online pokies, and experienced users are looking for a mathematical vulnerability in the code that will allow them to beat the machine. Practice shows that these attempts remain unsuccessful. But let's find out why it happens with the help of Golden Reels Blog!

How does a pokie work?

The main factor that controls a pokie is the RNG (the international name for random number generator). It works as a special algorithm that creates random scenarios during the game. That is, it does not have a specific sequence that can be tracked. It is this algorithm that puts random symbols on the playing field, regardless of how long you play, how much you win, etc. When you see a spinning pokie reel in front of you, it's just a visualization for the player. At the moment of pressing the spin button, the system has already determined what the winnings will be and whether they will be at all. 

The second, but no less important parameter is RTP (the international name for the return rate). This parameter determines how much money will come back to the gamblemakers. Let's look at a simple example. Players from all over the world play the same pokie. Its RTP is 97%. In total, players have bet $1,000,000. This means that the machine will return $970,000 to the players anyway, leaving $30,000 to the casino. But who exactly will be allocated this money, the RNG already decides. You may be lucky and be the one who wins 50,000, but you may also be the one who unsuccessfully leaves 10,000 there. Either way, the casino stays the winner, while making some players the big lucky ones. So in essence, you can consider that you are not playing against the casino, but against the luck of other players.

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How to hack a pokies?

The short answer is that it is almost impossible. A team of developers with a lot of knowledge and experience works on the creation of each game. The product created by them undergoes more than one hundred tests before it begins to pass to the various online casinos. The testers try to break and cheat the product in all known ways, look for bugs in it and bring it to perfection. Imagine trying to beat a whole team of professionals of a multimillion-dollar company on your own.

However, it's worth noting that there have been some successful attempts at hacking. There are several stories that confirm this. For example, a group of Russian hackers found the keys to the Aristocrat pokie, thereby breaking it. MIT students have also been seen trying to hack, doing it for fun. They try most often to cheat roulette or blackjack, using not only mathematics but also laser technology and microcams. 

Thus, it is worth noting that theoretically the chance of hacking is possible if you belong to a group of strong programmers who spend all their time on this case. The average player is foolish to hope that he will get his hands on the cherished formula for winning.

6 tips on how to beat the pokies!

We could not let you go disappointed. Let the illegal methods remain only in the minds of those who want to earn unfairly, we will help you win for free. Let's briefly discuss how you can come out of any situation a winner:

1. Have fun

Pokies are first and foremost about having fun. If that's what you came exclusively for, and the money only fuels your excitement and interest in the game, then let it stay that way. That's fine as long as you don't make the game the source of your earnings.

2. Manage your money

Before you start playing, think through a clear financial plan. How much money are you willing to spend in the worst-case scenario? After what winnings will you tell yourself no? This approach will help you not to worry about losses, because they were predicted by you, as well as save your winnings, knowing how to withdraw on time.

3. Don't win back

We have already written that the RNG does not care if you win or lose 10 times in a row. The machine remains unbiased, generating a random scenario each time. And if you think that now with a big bet you can get back everything you lost, it might be a terrible idea.

4. Play the demo version

Free versions of pokies can be useful not only for those who come to the casino for the pleasure of the game. They can also help visualize the game mechanics, understand the approximate payoff of the machine and develop a strategy for the game. For example, this may be the machine where you have to wait for the bonus round for big winnings.

5. Study volatility and RTP

We've already described RTP in more detail above, but let's summarize in one sentence. The higher the percentage, the more likely you are to win at a given pokies.

6. Choose profitable bonuses

Evaluate for yourself golden reels bonuses, which a player can get not only for registration and first deposit, but also for an active game, and with the help of special promo codes that can be found in our blog.


That's all! Don't believe the rumors on the internet and always rely only on yourself when it comes to playing for real money. The casino is a pure test of luck, so treat it as entertainment that can suddenly bring big winnings. 


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