The history of casinos and the creation of gambling establishments

Our dear readers it’s always a pleasure for us to see you on our blog pages, in our previous articles we have already covered a bit about gambling houses history and its evolution. But today we would like to dive into a more explicit explanation, about this topic. The Official Golden Reels blog promises that the reading be interactive and “anti-boring”, so let’s start!

How and in what year the casino was invented?

 So, the first casinos were indeed introduced in Europe, and the very first gambling house in Europe is considered to be Ridotto, opened in 1638 in Venice. By order of the government, a gambling house was opened in the left wing of the Church of Moses in order to control the gaming taking place during the great spring carnival. It’s quite important to remember that prototypes of casinos have existed even before, the concept that is as close as possible to modern gambling houses was introduced in 1638.

Who created the casino?

As we have covered in the previous chapter, the modern casino model appeared only in 1638, but as you can imagine people loved to gamble even before. Maybe someone will be surprised, but the history of the first establishments where people cheerfully and enthusiastically spent their leisure time began in ancient times. Already in Ancient Greece and Rome, gambling houses would not surprise anyone. They were already quite widespread in those days. The firstborn among gaming houses is not an institution in Monaco, as most believe, but a club near Venice, organized in the 17th century. All the highest Venetian population and aristocrats gathered in this place. 100 years after Venice, the gambling boom took place on the European continent. Other developed countries became interested in the games. Almost all well-known states of the European continent have begun the massive opening of such establishments. They appeared in Great Britain, France, Germany, and of course in Italy. Up to today, of the surviving ones, only the gambling house near Monte Carlo remains. It is unique not only for its foundation date, but also for the fact that in the entire history we know, the club has never been banned. Monte Carlo always received guests without any problems at a time when gambling houses in neighboring countries were closed or worked underground, fearing that they would one day be closed, and the owners of the clubs would be sued.

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When did the first casinos appear?

OK, we have covered the part about when the first casinos have been invented, but when did modern casinos actually appear? But a special milestone in the gaming business was in 1765, when the famous Italian cardinal Giulio Mazarin opened the first gaming house in Paris in order to replenish the state treasury. In this gaming house, along with the games known at that time, the “Wheel of Fortune” or game roulette appeared. 

The invention of the modern roulette wheel is attributed to the famous French scientist Blaise Pascal, which he invented for research in the field of probability theory. However, his friends, who succeeded not so much in science as in commerce, took advantage of the fruits of his mind with great advantage.

After the invention of gambling roulette, the fashion for casinos spread everywhere. Gaming houses began to appear in all European countries. The success of this gambling game was so popular that it turned into something more than a mere hobby, becoming a way of life for many people and dominating their style of behavior.

History of the creation _ emergence of the casino

Casino types

Of course, after the “Wheel of Fortune” has been created many other types of gaming establishments will flourish and be presented to the public. To learn more about the emergence of types of play houses, read about "Types of online casinos".

The very first online casino

In fact, the history of online casinos is quite entertaining. A brief chronology can be presented as follows: 

  1.     1994 Microgaming creates the first platform on which special programs can be installed - slot machine simulators. At the same time, a mechanism for issuing licenses to the first network gaming establishments is being worked out in Antigua and Barbuda.
  2.     1996 year. Several online gambling houses are already operating on the Internet, the Kahnawake Gaming Commission appears in Canada - a commission for issuing licenses to virtual clubs.
  3.     1998 The first progressive jackpots are introduced. After that, the number of people wishing to play in online gambling houses increased significantly, which led to a rapid growth in the number of new gaming platforms. The aggregate profit of operators is growing and reaches a significant amount (almost one billion dollars).


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