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Our dear readers, today we would like to cover a bit of an unusual topic. Idea to write this topic is coming from our research based on search engine requests regarding online casino, gambling, etc. One of TOP 20 searched key-words combinations are those keys: “gambling advertising Australia”. For sure in our country we have quite frequent legislative change in this industry, so today we would like to clarify for you, what amendments and changes were adopted, and what to expect in the future!

New laws and regulations on casino advertising

As many of you may have heard Australia will impose new restrictions on the advertising of gambling. The Australian Communications and Media Administration (ACMA) has proposed additional restrictions on gambling advertising in the country. Yes, indeed Australia to introduce new restrictions on gambling advertising. From the latest news, you may have heard about the bookmaker and betting. On March 30 of this year, a ban on advertisement of bookmakers during daytime live sports TV broadcasts came into force.

TV channels cannot broadcast betting advertisements five minutes before the start of the game and five minutes after the end of the sporting event between 5:00 and 20:30. Due to the growing popularity of so-called OTT (Over-the-top media service - a method of providing video services over the Internet.

The term OTT means the delivery of a video signal from a content provider to a user's device (set-top box, computer, mobile phone) over data networks, often without direct contact with the operator) platforms, which have opened up new opportunities for broadcasting sports events, ACMA proposes to introduce similar restrictions on events that are broadcast on the Internet.

The representative of the regulator said that the revision of the existing provisions was based on the comments of stakeholders received during the consultation on an earlier draft published in April 2020. 

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Advertising market segment in Australia

So, reading this we can get a taste about how new laws and regulations can influence the industry and related cost. By the way, during the last year expenditure on advertisement  of gambling entertainment in Australia increased by 26% per year. The total volume of this segment of the advertising market of the Green Continent, according to experts, is $ 140 million. Due to numerous taxes, duties, etc.

In 2020, gambling advertising in Australia's print media increased by 121%, in films by 84%, on street media by 60%, and on television by 15%. Such a redistribution of advertising budgets for gaming companies, bookmakers, and lotteries, as we have already written, of course happened against the background of tightening the legislation on advertisement on television and on the Internet.

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Just to clarify the official position of Golden Reels online casino, we fully support and comply with all laws, regulations, and requirements of the Australian government, all our promotional and advertising  activities for 100% complies with all legal norms. We also understand that the legislative framework in this area will develop rapidly, that's why the Official Golden Reels blog continues to monitor this topic and will inform you of our beloved by readers, as soon as there are some innovations introduced in the legislation.

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