How to become an online casino streamer in 5 steps?

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Streaming has long ceased to be an ordinary hobby, today it is a way to earn money, which more and more young people are interested in. Indeed, spending time on your favorite games can be not only fun, but also money. A separate section in streaming can be considered online casino games, which now show an incredible increase in viewers who also like slots. Start the game with an interesting gameplay, turn on the stream, behave directly and communicate with the audience and then success is guaranteed, is it? Not really. You still have a lot of things to learn before you succeed, as we always mention in our Golden Reels casino guides. Let's talk briefly about the basic steps you'll need to take.



You do not need to have a lot of money to start streaming, but on certain technologies you still have to spend. For example, most famous streamers note that it is more convenient to broadcast having two monitors. One is used for the game, and the other to watch the chat, where users from all over the world send you messages which are better to answer if you want to build a trusting relationship with your audience. In addition, you may need some cosmetic changes to your room. A new chair, a backdrop, lighting, posters-anything that will work for the visual pleasure of the audience.

Separately, we should also highlight the need to upgrade your computer, because streaming requires quite a lot of power. In addition to the internal hardware, you should also pay attention to the webcam and microphone, because they are the main way of your communication with the audience. Streamer who is seen blurred and heard as if he was recording YouTube videos for 2008, will not keep any audience. Naturally, you shouldn't buy everything of the highest quality right away, but in order to get into the stream you need to have at least a certain minimum that will allow you to watch comfortably.


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More often than not, viewers do not choose a particular game or stream, but a person. It is the person who leads the stream and creates most of the content that is interesting to visitors. Moreover, you can be a versatile person and play online casinos today, pass an RPG tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow you just want to communicate with your audience. And people will come to see you, not the genre you chose.

Look at how the top streaming leaders behave. They can be divided into two categories:

  1. Professionals. Professionals are those players who focus on gameplay. They probably belong to some professional organization or are part of a team participating in tournaments, but most importantly, they play the game they choose better than anyone else. Users visit them on the stream to see the perfect performance, to see gameplay areas that they couldn't reach themselves, and to learn from them what they can bring to life when they play the game.
  2. Talents. Talents are those who know how to entertain a crowd. No matter how they play or what genre they choose, it's always fun to watch. They comment on gameplay in a funny and interesting way, react vividly to game situations, laugh and cuss with the chat, and most importantly, they give emotion. If one wants to relax and watch something unobtrusive, one chooses talent.

Naturally, both of these streamers overlap and any professional acts like a talent in one way or another, and a talent eventually learns to play like a professional. So you have to have both of these skills to get into the hearts of the audience.



In order to earn more from playing slots, it's best to start partnering with reputable online casinos. That way you monetize your audience, getting money from multiple sources at once. You can contact Golden Reels Casino right now to find out on what conditions you can get cooperation. That way you can get money for advertising integrations, for bringing users to the casino, for donations, as well as from the site where you stream, for views.



In order to become an online casino affiliate or get an affiliate on Twitch, you will need to have a large enough audience. It will take you a lot of time and effort. Do not expect that you will immediately start earning money, and the number of viewers will grow by itself.

Your earnings will directly depend on the number of viewers who regularly watch your streams, so audience growth should be your #1 goal. Consider that now on all sites there are already a sufficient number of streamers, which the site promotes itself, putting their channels in the tops, thereby only increasing their coverage. To stay afloat, you'll need to come up with unique content or engage in collaborations with the already well-known representatives of the industry.

Players arrange quizzes and contests that help to attract viewers, not forgetting to encourage loyal subscribers as well. Streamers promote themselves through social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and Instagram.



Look for a variety of ways to promote yourself. More often than not, you'll stop at one platform where you'll get the most coverage, but there's nothing stopping you from trying several platforms at once until you're sure which one suits you best. There is no doubt that Twitch is the leader today, but we advise you to consider such alternatives as Facebook and Youtube at least.

Also familiarize yourself with the rules of the platform you are going to stream on. If you think you might get banned or disconnected monetization there, get caught in a hidden ban or other unpleasant situations, it's better to start somewhere else right away.

You still have a lot of self-discovery to do on your way to the top, but we hope we've given you enough information for an easy start. Don't forget to update our blog for even more information about this direction. And good luck in your endeavors.

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