What Bonuses Can You Find At Golden Reels

Every casino player wants to get the most out of the game. And to take all you can get is one of the peculiarities of this approach. A welcome bonus is one way to make the most of your winnings. Unfortunately, we have discovered that not all of our players know all of the ins and outs of our prizes, which is why Golden Reels casino blog has created an article to tell you about it simply and succinctly. Read to the end and you will understand how to start the game as comfortably as possible.

What Bonuses Can You Find At Golden Reels


Welcome Bonus Package

You can use the welcome package for the first 5 deposits you make.

The 1st deposit bonus has 3 patterns:

  1. Pattern 1: 200% bonus on deposits over 20 AUD (Max bonus amount 50 AUD)
  2. Pattern 2: 150% bonus for deposits over 50 AUD (Max bonus amount 300 AUD)
  3. Pattern 3: 100% bonus for deposits over 500 AUD (Max bonus amount 2000 AUD)

Further deposits are made under the following conditions:

  • 2nd deposit bonus: 100% cashbonus (deposits of 300 AUD)
  • 3rd deposit bonus: 50% cashbonus (deposits of 400 AUD)
  • 4th deposit bonus: 50% cashbonus (deposits of 500 AUD)
  • 5th deposit bonus: 25% cashbonus (deposits of 750 AUD)

Golden Reels Casino also always adds a certain amount of freespins as a sign-up bonus. Now the player can get 200 freespins for the slot machine Northern Sky. These freespins have a bet of 0.1 AUD. Watch for updates, the slot machine, on which this bonus will be issued, may change.

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Other Golden Reels bonuses and how to claim them

The online casino Golden Reels gives its players many different bonuses. The most profitable are the following gifts: 

  1. Raffle. For every 20 AUD paid, the player receives one lottery ticket, which will participate in the raffle. The number of tickets is not limited, so the more money is deposited, the greater the chance of winning. In addition, if a large payment is made at the same time, the ticket is already issued for an amount less than 20 AUD.
  2. Deposit Bonus. Multiplies the player's next deposit by a certain percentage and adds the resulting amount to the account. These funds can not be withdrawn, but can be used to play and earn money in the slot machines.
  3. Freebet. Online casino Golden Reels also has a sports betting section. This bonus can be used in the betting section as a free bet on any event.
  4. Cash Bonus. The usual increase in balance at the expense of the casino. This money can not be withdrawn, but can be used to play and earn money in the casino.
  5. Cashback. Part of the money spent by the player during the game at the casino, will be returned to him on account. Promo code allows you to increase the percentage of the return.

Staying an active user of Golden Reels, the player will in any case encounter prizes that he can apply. To get the bonuses mentioned above, you can use one of the following ways:

  1. Browse the Golden Reels blog. Not only do we share useful information, but we also periodically add promo codes to our articles that can be used to get valuable gifts.
  2. Tournaments. Golden Reels constantly hold a variety of tournaments among fans of slot machines. These events do not require any additional registration or deposit - the casino simply determines the list of slot machines that participate in tournaments, and the most active players receive bonuses for the account. Tournaments can be both long and short term, and all information about them, such as duration, prize pool and a list of slot machines participating in the draw, can be found in the appropriate tab.

Advantages of using Golden Reels Bonus Codes

Golden reels bonus codes give players many opportunities to play online casino games more conveniently. All of the funds that are deposited in one way or another cannot be immediately withdrawn into real money, but they can be used to multiply the account and later withdrawals. Consider in detail each of the benefits received:

  • Account Increase. Cash bonus gives the player the opportunity to spend money on spins or bets that will bring real money, increasing his account. Multiplication of deposits made by the player allows multiplying the size of the account, and therefore making bigger bets in the slot machines or in the betting section of the site. Bigger bets accordingly increase the possible winnings.
  • Safe gaming. Making bets at the expense of additional funds or freespins allow the player to secure his funds. He can play at the expense of bonuses without the fear of spending real money from his account, thus making larger bets or choosing low-interest expresses in sports betting. Thus, it is possible to get big winnings and not to use your own money at all.
  • Training. Newcomers are poorly familiar with the mechanics of the slot machines, and the new unique machines and even have a unique gameplay, which is not immediately intuitive. Freespins and bonus funds allow you to understand the process of the game, while having the opportunity to earn money during training.
  • Refunds. Luck doesn't always smile on players, which means they can lose their money at the casino. But with the help of cashback, freespins and bonus funds, they can restore their own balance and not only continue playing, but also try to earn winnings. 


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