The legality of gambling in Australia

Today our dear readers we would like to talk with you about the trust issue. Of course, regardless of financial transaction type you would like to know that your funds are transferred safely, legally and in close proximity. Indeed, transferring or withdrawing funds from an online casino, you need to trust the platform first, please always check its credibility and acquired license. As the Official Golden Reels Blog have wrote in the previous articles, GR online casino is fully official business in Australia, operating under Curacao (Master Gaming License # 5536 / JAZ). Always check every entablement credential, before registering, verifying, and transferring funds.

How popular are online casinos in Australia?

But let’s be more specific and let’s talk about Australia. Our readers would like to know everything about statistics, specifics and finally to know, “Are Online Casinos Legal or Illegal in Australia?” Australian online casinos are a large industry in their country. Oceania (a geographic area to which New Zealand also belongs) is considered one of the world's largest markets. Australians are proud about their cultural heritage, of which horse racing and other forms of betting are a significant part. Not many countries can boast that their main event of the year revolves around gambling, but this is the case when it comes to Australians and the Melbourne Cup.

According to one regulator, 4 out of 5 adult Australians made at least one legal bid in 2020; this is the most recent year for which statistics are available. From the same study, we learn that the Australian gambling industry has a turnover of over twenty billion dollars a year; this figure includes all traditional casinos and lotteries.

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Is online gambling legal?

Yes, online gambling is legal in Australia, but with a caveat: for customers only!

Gambling has been an Australian tradition since the continent was settled. The gambling industry did not have major problems until the late 1990s. In the 2000s, the first protests against gambling began to be heard in the capital. It was clear to the Australian government that the time had come to address this issue. During the year, the federal government held hearings on online gambling, presumably in response to public concerns about how the industry was affecting citizens.

The movement against online gambling in Australia was short-lived. The only piece of legislation passed during this short period was the Interactive Gambling Act of 2001, known as the IGA ( The regulation under the new law was similar to what the US government did with the adoption of the UIGEA. This law does not make online gambling illegal for customers; it targets gambling providers. Modern online payment processing methods such as e-wallets allow players to freely and securely transact with their chosen casino operator. On the one hand, they help protect the interests of the players, and on the other, they serve Australian platforms and promote their optimal performance.

 So online casinos in Australia are not banned, it would be more correct to say that the law simply streamlined the rules of the game in the market. Thus, securing the risks of all parties involved. So, everyone can continue to enjoy their time by playing his/ her favorite game without feelings of guilt or remorse, as online casinos in Australia are absolutely legal for customers.

Popular Games

Australians love casinos, especially pokies. “Pokie” is slang for “poker machine” (in reality not just poker 😊) as Australians call slot machines. The truth is that Australians love slot machines even more than Americans do. Australian casinos generally offer a range of games that are identical to any gambling establishment in the Western world. Popular table games include baccarat, craps, poker and blackjack, as well as some games from Asia. Sic Bo and Pai Gow are more popular in Oceania than in the US or Europe. Lotteries are incredibly popular throughout Australia. The government was one of the first to introduce lottery systems in the early 1920s. What started as a small government fund has grown into massive private games of chance. The two largest lotteries in the country are called Oz Lotto and Powerball.

Keno in Australia is a big deal, comparable in popularity to bingo in America. The game is so popular that the cities of Australia are littered with keno halls; they are standalone businesses offering keno games and several poker machines.


We really hope that we have answered all the crucial questions about the legality of gambling in Australia, definitely our editors will continue to closely monitor the development of legislation and if any changes are foreseen, we will elaborate this topic in the next article.


See ya soon!

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