New Zealand (NZ) Gambling Legality

Australia and New Zealand are the best allies and partners, that's why development of online gaming in New Zealand (NZ online casino) is so important for both countries and the whole region.

New Zealand gambling business

New Zealand is an island state in Polynesia. Gambling is legal under NZ law. The annual turnover in the industry is over 2,000,000,000 NZD. There are 4 land-based gambling houses and one bingo hall in the country. Online gaming establishments in New Zealand cannot operate legally, but players have free access to foreign sites. Such resources are not blocked and there are no penalties for their use. The Kiwi gambler pool (this is the national nickname for New Zealanders) is quite small compared to other markets such as South Africa. This island country is home to about 3 million potential players; most of them actively participate in all games available on the territory of the state.

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Legal gambling in New Zealand

The situation with gaming in New Zealand is a little different compared with Australia, but still simple and ultimately player oriented. In particular, the Gambling Law separately describes this type of games in the country and defines them as remote gambling in which players interact using communication devices. This definition allows us to apply all the rules stipulated by the law to online gambling. According to NZ regulations:

The practice of online gaming is illegal for all residents of the country when it comes to playing on local national platforms. Except for specific sports betting, all betting on sites licensed and based in New Zealand will be penalized under applicable law. However, offshore online gaming platforms (bookmakers, gaming establishments, lottery and bingo portals, and the like) are not covered by this prohibition. Moreover, the Law clearly states that players are technically allowed to play on such platforms.

Also, many players ask questions about NZ casino generosity, are they as generous as you will search for “online casino Australia no deposit bonus”, what if you change the search combination for NZ for example. Our answer is definitely – yes, the trustworthy casinos as Golden Reels gaming establishment offers to players from NZ equivalent bonuses, often in the local currency.

New Zealand gambling business

Casino software providers

Unfortunately, even in developed countries such as NZ and Australia, you can encounter some illegal gaming establishments sites, so we encourage you to be extra careful and to check casino software providers even before you create your account. If in the providers list you can find some trusted ones such as Microgaming, etc. it’s a good sign. 😊 Also read a lot of reviews and player feedback, industry magazines and cool blogs like the Official Golden Reels blog. Also pay attention to the domain, the trusted ones are .com/ .nz/ .au and about the other ones you should be extra cautious. Play only in the best pokies, enjoy the game, and cherish your life!

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