What is SLINGO?

Slingo has one very unique quality when viewed from the perspective of online casino players. They either love it or have never heard of it. Indeed, marketing is not the best thing about the company that makes the game, but once you've heard of it and tried it, you'll never forget it. And you always can know more, if you read Golden Reels Blog.

This unique and distinctive game is a founding member of a new genre that both gaming enthusiasts and bingo enthusiasts will love. Let us tell you more about this game.

How does Slingo work?

Slingo is an online game for one or many users with a unique concept that combines aspects of bingo and online pokies. Even its name combines the names of both, SL (ots) / (b) INGO.

While the two games might seem very different, they are both classic casino games that many players are familiar with. Gamers spin the reels, which show numbers or special symbols that can be crossed off a 5x5 card if they appear there. The game offers the opportunity to mark more than one point at a time in one round. This increases the fun of the game and multiplies the chances of winning.

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History of Origins

Slingo was invented fairly accidentally in 1994 by Sal Falsiglia and New Jersey real estate developer Dave Lyons. Sal Falsiglia decided to create a new TV show based on bingo and pokies. After much deliberation, he realised that a pokies with five reels and five rows on a typical bingo card could somehow work together.

A man bought an old slot machine from the 1950s to help him figure it out. Hiring a programmer, he recorded the new game on CD-ROM.

The American subsequently founded Slingo, Inc. to create and promote games based on the Slingo theme. In July 2013, RealNetworks acquired Slingo for $15.6 million.

Two years later, it was resold to London-based gaming company Gaming Realms. After that, the game had a new life - it became popular in the online gambling industry. Various versions of Slingo, of which there are currently 12, have appeared in the range of many sites for players.

How to play Slingo

Playing Slingo is not difficult, and the gambler does not need to have any special skills to do so. The aim of the game is simple - there's a 5x5 grid, and you need to make as many line combinations of the 5 components as possible, so that each one brings a prize.

Although Slingo, inspired by both pokies and bingo, there are still a few differences:

  • the playing reels are smaller than usual and the player can only see one symbol on each reel;
  • unlike the traditional bingo game, Slingo features different symbols such as jokers and gold coins;
  • Slingo can be played alone, like a slot game, or with other players, like bingo.

The special symbols can vary from one version of Slingo to another. Depending on which version of the game the gambler has chosen, these may be:

  • coins, for which you can get extra points and free spins;
  • devils, which halve points and remove a potential number from the card;
  • cherubs, which cancel the actions of the devil;
  • jokers, which allow you to mark any number in the column above;
  • superjokers, which allow you to mark any number on the board;
  • free spins.

Slingo online

At first, the multiplayer version of Slingo was only available on the American AOL web portal, and the single-player version was only in the children's version. New kinds of Slingo have become more modern-oriented. Today, most Slingo Originals games are available on computers and mobile devices. Players love them for their flawless interface and quality graphics.

There are now several versions of the game, so the gambler needs to make sure he fully understands the rules of the one he chooses before he starts playing:

  • Slingo Rainbow Riches - A game based on Irish mythology and culture that is full of magic, leprechauns and hidden treasures.
  • Slingo Monopoly - A game based on the legendary Monopoly, in which the mechanics of the game Bingo have been integrated.
  • Slingo Riches - This is the classic Slingo game, the first real money game released by the company.
  • Slingo Extreme - This is an improved version of Slingo Riches, with more dynamic gameplay and larger jackpots.
  • Slingo Deal or No Deal - This product was inspired by the popular television show.
  • Slingo Advance - In this retro game, users will play Slingo in space.


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