Ways Online Casinos Differ from Real Life Casinos

7 reasons to play online casinos, earning real money without risk 

While online casinos have long pulled in the majority of their audience, real life casinos continue to draw in tourists and high net worth players. It's rare to find someone who plays both casino options at the same time. And that means that there are real differences between the two that make people choose one side or the other. And we at Golden Reels Casino have highlighted the most striking of these.

Differ 1. Play anytime, anywhere.

The obvious advantage of an online casino is the fact that you can access it anytime, anywhere. Despite the fact that some casinos are open 24 hours a day, you can't get to them with a single click. Even more so, many players simply don't have physical access to the casino because local laws have banned them from the road. Then they are left with only one option - online casinos. 

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Differ 2. Different speeds of play. 

Offline casinos often emphasize the atmosphere, and it significantly slows down the game. Reels of the slot machine spin long, inflaming the atmosphere, all animations are equipped with special sounds that have to be played, and thus will take even more time. As for table games such as blackjack, baccarat or poker, the game is even slower. The croupier has his own algorithm and speed, according to which he clearly shows each card to the player, delays to wait for your decision and simply comments on each move, duplicating the information. And if there will be several people at the table with you, you will definitely have to wait for your turn to bet while someone ponders the next move for a long time, the croupier at such a moment can not be distracted by you. In online casinos, on the contrary, the emphasis is on the speed of the game. The reels can spin at all instantly, and the online format allows the dealer to simultaneously take bets from all players without having to wait for each one separately.

Differ 3. No dress code.

The desire to play your favorite game of chance can occur to you at any time. But not only do real casinos require you to get there first - most of them have a dress code that you have to abide by. Security may even deny you entry if they don't like the way you look or if they think you're intoxicated. 

In online casinos, on the contrary, everyone is welcome. At one table in an online format can sit and a man in a tie and a man in his underwear. Anyway, no one would know about it, as online casinos do not use cameras. And as the classic joke goes, no one will know you're a dog on the Internet. 

Differ 4. More variety of games online

In offline casinos, the player is limited in the choice of games. Land-based casinos are more conservative in the selection of slot machines - there you can find a maximum of 50 different games, because the number of machines themselves is limited by the casino area. Things are even worse with the gaming tables, so you'll have to wait in line to sit at a particular poker table, since their number is also limited. Especially, players who have already arrived at the casino will not want to leave their seat so easily.

At an online casino like Golden Reels, you can access 2,000 different slot machines at once. There are no queues here, and you can move from game to game in just a few clicks. The number of gaming tables in the Live Casino is also so large that you will always find a free space to play.

Differ 5. Free play

Conventional casinos don't allow their players to play slot machines for free. Everything on their premises costs money. Another thing is online casinos where every game is equipped with a free demo version. If you want to play without the risk of losing money, just relax or explore a new slot machine, then simply click on the demo mode and do not use money from your personal account. 

Differ 6. Instantly cash out at live casinos

Land-based casinos cash out winnings much faster. Because the casino has no intermediary between itself and the player, i.e. a payment system, it can issue money to players instantly by cashing out chips. Online casinos, on the contrary, must comply with the law, so initially obliged to verify the identity of the customer, and then carry out the operation, the speed of which depends on the payment system selected by the player. If you want to speed up this process, choose the ways of withdrawal that do it the fastest, such as cryptocurrencies.

Differ 7. Casino bonuses

Online casinos constantly offer their players bonuses to help them during the game. The following gifts are most often present at all gambling houses:

  1. Welcome Bonus. A gift that multiplies a customer's first deposit by several times, which allows you to initially bet not with your own money or vice versa to make larger bets.
  2. Freespins. Free spins game reels, which can bring real money.
  3. Cash bonus. The funds that the casino gives to play on their machines. They can not withdraw, but can be used to make even more money. 


The list of bonuses can be much broader, but these 3 bonuses are always present as an offer to the player. You won't see this kind of generosity from an offline casino. Most players that get to them come there just to spend the money and aren't going to do it on a weekly basis. Online casinos, on the contrary, build long-term relationships with their players who visit their sites much more often.


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