Slot Machines For Women

Slot machines are the most striking association with the casino world, but the image of the player playing these machines in recent years is no longer necessarily male. In Oregon, a local university conducted a study proving that most online casino players are between the ages of 55 and 60, with average income. Also more than half of these players are women.

However, this popularity of slot machines is observed not only among women in age, but also among young audiences. Among other countries, Australia stands out, where the very concept of online casinos has no negative connotation, which is inherent in other continents. Young girls often spend their evenings in casinos, where they go not for the purpose of getting rich, but for entertainment. In the company of their friends, they try their luck, enjoy each other's company, and just worry about each other's wins and losses. This approach to the game is the least toxic, which proves once again that women not only have a place in online casinos, but they should become an example for many players.

Best slot machines for women

The large increase in women among online casino players has logically aroused interest among game developers as well. We already mentioned it in the Golden Reels Blog. Therefore, among their innovations began to appear and those that are more focused on the female audience. An attempt to divide automata by gender has never been made, so they do not carry the appropriate label, but a certain bias in the design, the selection of characters and themes can be noted. We have chosen for you a few of these machines, which are particularly popular.

Wild Spells

Provider: Pragmatic Play

Release date: 2017.




The automaton talks about the three elements contained in a woman's body. They symbolize fire, water and earth, which make up all life on our planet. It is their symbols that bring the player the biggest winnings. Black cats and crystal balls are also in play, hinting at the mysticism and ritualism so popular among women.


Provider: Endorphina

Release Date: 2015





Despite the fact that endorphina is a Czech provider, they are well versed in the Japanese theme, as they regularly create games with this direction. Their new machine is dedicated to geishas, whose image is shrouded in mystery even after many years. The machine will appeal not only to fans of the style, but also to those who like unique game mechanics. Upon reaching the bonus level, you will be invited to a game of cards with a geisha, where you can win big prizes.

Victoria Wild

Provider: Truelab

Release Date: 2020






Courageous archaeologists or explorers are not just men. They can also be women, which proves the main character of the machine - Victoria Wild. She, riding an iron horse, travels through the desert in search of treasure, overcoming dangerous obstacles on the way. What awaits her next? A magic lamp hiding a genie or a tornado that swept away everything in its path? You only have to press the Spin button to find out.


Pin Up Queens

Provider: EGT

Release Date: 2020



Fashion is cyclical, so it's time to go back to the 40's as well, as evidenced by the classic American cover that is the background of this slot machine. The main characters are four young photo models who will bring you money the more often they appear on the reels of your machine.


Lovely Lady

Provider: Amatic

Release Date: 2015.




Together with the main character, they walk around the territory of the slot machine, collecting cute signs of luck. Who knows, maybe you'll be able to find a hidden treasure? On the way you will come across unique mushrooms, ladybugs, horseshoes, piggy banks, and various playing cards. Collecting them in combinations, a charming brunette along with you will get a coveted winnings. 


The Heat is On

Provider: Microgaming

Release Date: 2017.




Executed in the style of an American comic book, the slot machine tells the story of a policewoman chasing a criminal who escapes from her on a motorcycle. This is a video slot, so it has gorgeous graphics and music, which makes the game even more exciting. The symbols in this game refer to the classic elements of bank robbery, suitcases, gold bars, police cars, helicopters and dynamite - all you need to collect to win.


Provider: Play'n Go

Release Date: 2020.


Always wanted to be part of a gang? Then this slot machine is exactly what you need. Join a community of gangsta rapper girls trying to find happiness on the mean streets of the city. Wishing for big winnings is no excuse, so look for the right symbols which can bring you big prizes or free spins which can help you earn even more.

Shake It

Provider: Fugaso

Release Date: 2017




This machine can definitely be called bold, as its theme is saturated with eroticism, which may not be to the taste of all users. According to the plot of the game you are in a strip bar, and the symbols that appear on the screen, reminiscent of women's buttocks. This game can both amuse and offend, so play only if you have a sense of humor.

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