Post-pandemic future of online casinos

Dear Readers, every day, more and more people get vaccinated - and it means that we are getting closer and closer to the past-pandemic stage. Let’s talk a bit about how the world and gambling establishments will work after the crisis is over, and what lessons have we learned from the current situation. Currently, the COVID-19 virus, called the coronavirus, is rampant in the world. The governments of many countries, including Australia, have declared quarantines. Some business industries are on the brink of survival. Society is in a panic. Part of the population is no longer at the poverty line, but beyond it. Many are in forced quarantine, having gone on unpaid vacations, or have completely lost their jobs. This all leads to a massive amount of spare time spent at home, and of course all Internet industries like Netflix, online deliveries, etc. have reacted correspondingly.

How the Pandemic Has Shaped the Online Casino Industry in Australia

How the Pandemic Has Shaped the Online Casino Industry in Australia

There are many factors that influence the success of the gambling business. Australian gambling is seriously dependent on many external circumstances that, it would seem, are not directly related to this area. Naturally, the coronavirus COVID-19, which appeared at the end of the year before last, could not but affect it, which changed its status from an epidemic to a pandemic. From forced restrictions, which are introduced, for example, in gambling businesses, which are a place of gathering of people, not only their owners, but also visitors suffer. While the entire world is shaken by the current and completely unpredictable coronavirus pandemic, Australian gambling industry is also changing in the wake of all other areas of life that have had to change their way of functioning from day to day. But if for some areas (mostly offline) the changes negatively affected business development, then the demand for gambling establishments, as well as other useful online sites in general, has only increased. Many people have more free time, which they happily use for entertainment. And if an online cinema (i.e. Netflix), for example, is just entertainment and a pleasant pastime, then an online casino is both entertainment and a great opportunity to make good money without leaving your home.

While the entire world is shaken by the current and completely unpredictable coronavirus pandemic, the gambling industry is also changing in the wake of all other areas of life that have had to change their way of functioning from day to day.

And while, due to the prohibitions on gathering a large number of people, offline gambling establishments are closed, online casinos, such as Golden Reels casino, opens and offers an even wider range of different games. There are more and more interesting video slots that perform in excellent graphics, and also offer even more exciting scenarios.

It is believed that the field of gambling, and especially online casinos, will continue to curl up even more if the isolation and the overall epidemic situation in the world does not change. People sitting at home will look for more options for how to have fun, fed up with books, TV shows, films, and other common entertainment. That is, the entry of online casinos into the entertainment industry is not the rights of a full-fledged player in the sphere - this is the obvious result of the coronavirus pandemic. In general, we can summarize that online casinos will develop even more in the near future, providing even more opportunities for high-quality games to everyone, whether a beginner or an experienced player.

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How Will Post-Pandemic Online Casinos Look Like?

 The online gambling market is expected to grow significantly, and technological advances will fuel this boom. The gambling industry has proven its willingness to adapt to evolving technology over the years and continues to thrive in doing so. For example life dealers. With the virtual and augmented reality markets also predicted to burst in by 2021, it is likely that online gambling establishments will be able to understand these trends.

What innovations await us:

  • With the advent of skill-based puzzle games and mobile slots, it is possible to collect items that give the player more control over the outcome
  • Cross-branded content
  • A virtual reality
  • Using augmented reality in games

Growth of Online Casinos During Covid19

COVID-19 definitely changed the rules of the game. Due to the fact that during COVID-19 pandemic time, software developers put a huge effort into designing new products, the next few years may see some major changes and new trends in the gambling industry as we know it. It looks like new technologies will take games to the next stage and improve the player experience even more. In the meantime, everything is just beginning to develop, we are content with the fact that there is now a mobile version of the goldenreels casino that will help you have fun wherever and whenever you want. You can also play for free to hone your skills and craftsmanship.

Mobile Gambling

 So what is a mobile casino? This is the mobile version of an gambling establishment for smartphones and tablets, compatible with one or more operating systems. Almost any online casino is initially created for a computer and a laptop, except for the rare cases when designers adopt the “mobile first” principle and develop first a mobile casino, and then a “regular” one for a desktop.

There are two large groups of mobile casinos: browser-based and applications. Browser versions work like regular sites. Mobile gambling establishments usually have the same URL as the main site, but in some cases they are located on a subdomain. Mobile applications are installed on a smartphone (tablet) and work independently, without being tied to a web browser. As a rule, applications are available for download on the online casino website, especially for Android versions, since Google Play policy prohibits the distribution of gambling products in its store. Mobile casino apps for iOS can be found freely available on the App Store. As practice shows, casino operators are gradually moving away from applications.

ESports Gambling

Golden Reels Blog has already written about this, but we would like to note it again. There is a lot of focus on e-sports / cyber sport nowadays and often many people can spend a lot of time playing games, e-sports will soon be as huge as regular sports, so we can find many sites that allow professional e-sports betting like in football or hockey.

 The Crypto Gambling

Games for Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. The higher the price of Bitcoin, the more new wallets there are. And while someone intends to keep the crypto to the last, others are purposefully looking for ways to use BTC for its intended purpose. It is at this moment that Bitcoin casinos appear on the scene. Their offer is quite simple and tempting: a chance to win more cryptocurrency in casino games.

Is it possible to play games like slots and poker for cryptocurrency? Sure. In fact, there is nothing surprising here. Digital currencies are an excellent payment method for online casinos. Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, RIPPLE and many payment method other coins offer a number of important benefits to real money gaming sites

  1. Instant funds transfers
  2. Low transaction costs
  3. Lack of commissions of intermediaries
  4. Relative anonymity of money transfers
  5. Location independence
  6. Upward trend in the exchange rate in the long term

 We really hope that you liked it!

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